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Q&A: Winter Wardrobe

Q: I’m trying to  go through my closet and organize it.  How can I go about building a wardrobe that is professional, but not typical looking?

A: First off,  clear out anything you don’t wear or is worn or stained.  Your next step is to take inventory of your basics.  These items are the foundation of your wardrobe.  They are articles you plan on wearing many times and are typically in neutral tones such as black, navy, brown, gray, and camel/tan.  Check out our list of winter wardrobe basics for more examples.  Finally, add some color and accessorize.  Accessories are a great inexpensive way to keep you basic wardrobe in style and to express your own personality.  Hot accessory trends right now are scarves, chunky belts, and floral embellishments on headbands, necklaces, and purses.

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