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Winter Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe basics are the practical and timeless pieces that form the foundation of your closet.  They are articles you plan on wearing many times and are typically in neutral tones such as black, navy, brown, gray, and camel/tan.

What is a staple for you might not be a wardrobe basic for someone else.  The clothes you wear largely depend on your profession, lifestyle, and age.   For me clothing needs to be comfortable, cool, and I need to be able to move around and quickly get up and down stairs.

I strongly recommend buying quality pieces.  This can be achieved without spending an arm and a leg.  Search for consignment shops in your area. Northeast Ohio folks check out www.shopbestbibandtucker.com. At these stores you can find well made clothing that has been barely used (even some with new tags) at a fraction of the retail price.

Here are some items I can’t live without:


Tights are key...they add warmth and are super cute with boots.


Go with a dark wash. They are more figure flattering and can be casual or paired with a dressy top for evening events.

Dress Pants

Focus on finding pants that fit your hips and waist. If they are a bit long, they can be hemmed by a seamstress (or you). In general hems should fall just below your ankle about 1-1.5 inches off the floor.

Little Black Dress

This is your go-to outfit for special dinners out, theater performances, weddings, etc... It doesn't have to be black, pick a neutral color (brown, eggplant, dark green, navy) that looks good on you. A dress that falls one inch above your knees or slightly below them is the most figure flattering and is always in style.

Warm Coat

If you really want it to be warm make sure it covers your bum.

Layering Piece…Jacket, Cardigan, Sweater, etc

Make sure your sleeves are the right length. Try the jacket on, hold your arm out and fold your fingers flat against your palm. The end of the fabric should just touch your fingertips.

Camisoles and T’s

Get them in the neutrals then add a few more in some brights and pastels. This is a great way to add color to dark winter outfits.

Closed-Toed Shoes

It's Ohio, there are 5 inches of snow at any given time...seeing your toes makes me cold. Get yourself some comfortable shoes in black and brown and in a few heel heights and you should be good to go.


Natural materials, such as leather or suede, can be waterproofed, will last for years, and allow your feet to breathe (no stinky feet!)

A Pashmina Scarf

Find a color that looks great on you and goes well with your winter coat.

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