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directly behind Hartville Chocolate Factory


Q&A: Removing Chocolate Stains

Q: Help! My daughter has chocolate stains on her Easter dress.  How do I get them out?

A: First blot the stain with cold water using a clean rag or dishcloth.  Next, add a few drops of light-colored dish washing liquid.  Mild laundry detergent or even light-colored hand soap will work too.  Blot the stain then rinse completely.  If you have a tough stain you can add a couple drops of ammonia for milk chocolate or a couple drops of white vinegar for dark chocolate.  Reapply the soap, blot and rinse again.

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  • love a bargain

    love the pic!!! and the advice!

  • The pic is really nice and so is the post. The advice is very useful.

  • Great tips for removing chocolate stains. The vinegar/water solution can be used as an all-purpose cleaner. It works on all kinds of stains.

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