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Best Bib and Tucker
127 Mill St. SE
Hartville, Ohio 44632

directly behind Hartville Chocolate Factory


Consignment Contract Advice

Providing great customer service is a large part of our business.  As a consignment shop though, our customers are only half of the equation.  The foundation of our business lies with our consignors and we believe that, hands down, we provide the fairest, most convenient and hassle-free consignment.

Bringing in Items

We accept items any time we are open and you do not need an appointment.  We are fine with whatever method, be it on hangers, in boxes or bags, or even in a rolling suitcase, that makes it easiest for you to transport your items to us.  There are also no limits on the number of items you can bring in at one time.  If you have a closet full of great stuff we want it all!

We will quickly go through your items.  Most orders take under 10 minutes but if you are bringing in extremely large amounts you can drop them off and come back later that day for pick-up.  You will sign a contract for the number of items we take and at the time of your first payment you will receive a detailed inventory that includes the asking price of each item.  We have a $2 contract fee.  There are no per item charges and you can add to your inventory any time throughout the season (spring/summer or fall/winter) without incurring additional fees.  The $2 fee may be waived for small contracts.


Consignment shops typically pay you 40-50% of an item’s selling price.  Best Bib and Tucker pays 45-50% on clothing items and 60% on long formals and designer purses.

The clothing you bring in belongs to you.  It seems obvious that when they sell, you get paid.  But watch out, not all shops are run this way!  Most shops have a 60-90 day selling period.  If any items remain they are donated or sold with the shop making 100%.  At BBT, if you still have items for sale after your initial 60 day consignment period we will extend your contract until the item sells or we feel it is no longer in season.  This means that instead of having one shot at selling, your items are able to sell throughout the season.

Many shops also require you to frequently check on your account to see if items have sold and have limits on the length of time they will hold your money before it is forfeited to the store.  Best Bib and Tucker processes your account every 60 days.  Within the following 30 days you will receive a phone call from us to let you know items have sold.  That’s right, we will call you.  At BBT, you do not need to remember payment dates or call to check on your account.  We do the work for you.  Everything will be ready when you stop in.  If you can’t make it in let us know and we will be happy to mail your payment to you.  If your check hasn’t been picked up within 90 days of your phone call we will automatically pop it in the mail.


Most shops do not allow you to pick up unsold items.  The few that do require you to find your own items.  At Best Bib and Tucker we give you the option to have unsold items donated or returned to you.  If you select “return” when you sign your contract, we will have any unsold items packaged and ready for you to pick up when you pick up your payments.

Consignment is not Resale

Resale shops pay you on the spot. Sounds great, right?  Except that they pay you less (typically 25-40% of their selling price versus the 45-60% that you receive at BBT).  If you still would rather be paid up front be sure to call around.  Some shops require appointments or have long wait times as they go through your items.  You may have perfectly acceptable items that they cannot take because they are full of that size or are low on funds to pay out that particular day.

Our Advice

We urge you to check with a few stores in your area before consigning/selling, ask questions, and find the shop that is right for you.  Feel free to call BBT at 330-877-3308 or send us an email at info@shopbestbibandtucker.com if you have any further questions.

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