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7 Wardrobe Solutions for When You Are Between Sizes

Getting fit…Starting a new medication…Stress…Hormones…Pre & post pregnancy…Change to more of a sedentary or more active job..Too many holiday treats

Your weight is going to change.

Up or down, it turns your wardrobe into a problem. Here are 7 Wardrobe Solutions for When you are Between Sizes.

1) Skirts are Your New Best Friend
Most skirts fit naturally just below the smallest part of your waist. The beauty of a skirt is when you gain weight hike it up a bit on your waist. Sure it will be a little shorter, but it will buy you a bit of time till you can get the extra off.

Lose weight? Lower it a bit so the waistline skims your hips. It gives you about a half size worth of play. Pick a skirt in a stretchy fabric and it can take you through a whole size change.

2) Use a Belt
When tops or dresses are too big, a belt is an easy way to take in half a size and show off your waist.




3) Knot the Excess Fabric
The 1980’s tie a knot in the side of your t-shirt takes on a new twist. Knots can be used to cinch excess fabric and bring new life to your wardrobe as you are losing weight.

Bring the sides together in a front knot. This works great on tops that are a little longer on the sides. If you end up with still too wide neckline/shoulders. Embrace it and let one sleeve be worn off the shoulder.



Look for S/M/L versus numbered sizing. This stretchy fabric gives you a little more wiggle room. Here’s a Lularoe Carly dress in a size large that we cinched on the inside (using a rubber band or hair tie) to now fit a size small or medium. How cute is that?!


Make a “tail” inside to gather the fabric


This tail can also be used on a flowy top or tunic. For this top we gathered the fabric in the back. So pretty!

This one might take some playing. Cinch off the fabric before putting the top on and adjust as needed to fit.



4) Unbutton It
My button up tops always pucker at my chest. But if I go up a size it’s big all over. Quick solution is to undo a couple buttons. Add a statement necklace to make it look intentional.



5) Unbutton It – Round 2
Pants are by far the hardest item to fit. Allow yourself to breathe by using a hair tie to fasten your jeans. This is great during pregnancy when the jeans get a little snug but you aren’t ready to move into maternity jeans yet.

7 Solutions for When you are Between Sizes

6) Size Up
If in doubt, always size up. A top that is slightly too big looks soooooo much better than a top that is slightly too tight. Plus it’s way easier to take a piece in than it is to let it out/add fabric.

7) Tailoring
When you get to a steady size it’s time to think about tailoring. T-shirts – skip it – BUT for your better pieces a take in the sides can be an inexpensive way to fill your wardrobe. If you need a recommendation call or stop in for Betty’s number. She’s awesome, reasonably priced, super sweet, and lives right here in town.

Or play a Barb and do a little makeshift tailoring of your own. Safety pin the waist until you are ready for the next size down.

7 Solutions for When you are Between Sizes

AND of course shopping consignment is a GREAT way to build a new wardrobe. We’d love to help you put some outfits together!


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