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Scarf Tying: Quick Way to Tie an Infinity Scarf

This has been my go to way to tie an infinity scarf this spring. It takes less than 30 seconds and is easier than tying your shoes. Try it! Start with the scarf around your neck. Spread apart one side and make two tails. Tie these tails together twice. Fluff a bit and you are […]


Scarf Tying: Bow Scarf

This scarf is great for those days where you have an extra minute in the morning. Or leave it tied and just slip it over your head. Start with scarf around your neck with ends hanging evenly in the front. Tie one end (doesn’t matter which) in a loose knot about half way down. Open the […]


Scarf Tying: Double Slide Knot

A twist on the simple slide knot! I get “that’s neat” comments every time I wear a scarf this way. So, it’s made its way onto my keeper list. Try it and tell us what you think! Double Slide Knot Start with your scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other. Tie […]


Scarf Tying: Square Scarf Criss-Cross Knot

At the end of every scarf tying class I ask the participants if they know a tie I didn’t show and invite them to teach it to the group. At a class last December a lovely lady showed me this tie using a small silk square scarf. I tried it with a large square scarf and […]


What to Wear Wednesday: Triple Knot Scarf Tie

A couple weeks ago I was tying a scarf for a customer using the Knotted Waterfall Tie. She requested a way for the drape to be shorter. After a minute of me playing around the Triple Knot Scarf was born! Let me tell you- I love this tie. – It’s warm (especially using a pashmina […]


Scarf Tying: Infinity Scarf into a Poncho

Need an extra layer? Here’s a quick way to tie an infinity scarf into a poncho! Start with your scarf around your neck. Find the top edge. Gather fabric to make two handles. Double knot the handles. Slide the knot to your shoulder.


What to Wear Wednesday: Knotted Waterfall Scarf Tie

We had this scarf tied on an outfit Saturday and not less than a dozen customers have asked how to tie it. Here are the step-by step directions ladies! Start with the center of your scarf draped over your chest. The ends should be hanging down your back, one over each shoulder. Cross the ends […]


What to Wear Wednesday: How to Wear a Square Scarf

At every scarf tying class we hold someone brings a square scarf and asks me what to do with them. Here are my top three suggestions! One Use them for wrapping- Check out How to Use a Square Scarf to Wrap a Package Two Frame them and use as artwork! Visit Design Crisis to read all about […]


What to Wear Wednesday: Celtic Knot Scarf Tie

Try this pretty knot for St. Patty’s Day! You’ll need a long rectangle scarf. We used a standard sized pashmina (in green below). Because this makes a fairly large knot you may want to try a scarf made of a thinner material.  The scarf in the tutorial is a thin 80% cotton/20% silk mix.  Follow these […]


What to Wear Wednesday: 7 Ways to Use a Pashmina Scarf

A Pashmina Scarf is a wardrobe staple. Here are 7 ways to use them. Happy scarf tying! 1. As a Scarf Check out BBT Tips: Scarf Tying for ideas.  Or visit the shop and we’ll show you a new way to tie one. 2. As a Jacket Tie a knot in the long ends to […]

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