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Wellness Wednesday with Sonia from Get 2 the Core Fitness

Today we welcome Sonia Maranville as our guest blogger. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who offers individualized, studio-based workouts and training at Get 2 the Core Fitness in Uniontown.

She has a great message about determination and how slow and steady changes win the race plus a way to literally take the first step right at home.

—From Sonia—

Energy drinks, fad diets, and the latest workout craze all promise to quickly transform us into the perfectly fit and impossibly happy people who peddle them. True health, however, is a never-ending journey of becoming our best, strongest selves through continual self-improvement.

Muscle is built through many repetitions of an exercise, nourished by real food, and appreciated by a mind focused on the wonders of small accomplishments each day. The road to good health is a slow and steady race filled with rewards for those who slow down to appreciate the journey.

Read more — Turtles and the Sea

Get started at home — Full Body Workout Using Your Stairs

Sonia Maranville, CPT, CMFS, is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who offers individualized, studio-based workouts and training at Get 2 the Core Fitness in Uniontown, Ohio.

She promotes healthy living through exercise, strength training, healthy eating, and mindfulness. Sonia is a Certified Medical Fitness Specialist and works with clients and physical therapists as they rebuild strength and function following injury or illness. Her well-equipped, private studio offers clients a range of cardiovascular and strength training equipment to meet their fitness needs. Sonia works to help clients along every stage of their fitness journey- from those hoping to increase their activity to experienced athletes hoping to improve their performance.

To learn more about Sonia and Get 2 the Core Fitness, visit her @ www.get2thecorefitness.com.


Banana Nut Power Bites

My sister Emily is home for the holidays! I’ve been wanting to make power bites for awhile so this was the perfect time to put her dietitian skills to use in the kitchen. We brainstormed a flavor and ways to add extra protein and came up with this yummy Banana Nut combo. She says these are great for an afternoon pick me up snack and pre or post workout.

The Recipe
2 bananas (mashed)
2T peanut (or nut) butter
4t honey
1/2 C chickpeas

2C rolled oats
2 pinches cinnamon
1T milled flax seed

1/4 C semi-sweet chocolate chips
2T chopped walnuts

yields 12-14 power bites

Start by rinsing your chick peas (to remove extra sodium). Then mash them with a fork or run through 3-4 pulses in a blender or food processor. TIP: Extra chickpeas work as a great salad topper!

Add chickpeas to mashed banana, peanut butter, and honey. TIP: I always have over ripe bananas that get thrown into the freezer. They work great in smoothies and they did well in this recipe too! Just let it defrost (with skin on) in a cup of hot water first. 

Combine dry ingredients (oats, flax, and cinnamon) in a separate bowl. TIP: We used instant oats but regular rolled oats would work too. They just might need longer time in the refrigerator to soften after the power bites are made.

Combine wet & dry and stir. TIP: You may need to add extra oats to get the mixture to a slightly softer than playdoh consistency – hard enough to form a ball and not overly sticky.

Add walnuts and chocolate chips then stir to evenly distribute. TIP: If you are looking to further reduce your sugar you could reduce the amount of chocolate and use mini chips to get a bit in every bite.

Use an ice cream scoop (or your hands) to form inch (ish) diameter balls. TIP: Spray the inside of the scoop with a bit of cooking spray to keep it from sticking.

Line a baking sheet or tray with wax paper and let power bites sit in freezer for at least a half hour. This allows the oats to soften and flavors to meld. Or they will be even better if you leave them in the refrigerator overnight. Store refrigerated.

And the lovely Emily ran then nutritionals for us! Estimates per power bite: 110 calories, 4g fat (1g sat fat), 18g carbs, 6.5g sugar, 2.5g fiber, 3g protein, 41mg sodium

Check our Facebook page for our new Wellness Wednesday series where area health and wellness experts give us tips on how to start the new year off right! Then stop by the shop for 20% off athletic wear every Wednesday this January!


7 Wardrobe Solutions for When You Are Between Sizes

Getting fit…Starting a new medication…Stress…Hormones…Pre & post pregnancy…Change to more of a sedentary or more active job..Too many holiday treats

Your weight is going to change.

Up or down, it turns your wardrobe into a problem. Here are 7 Wardrobe Solutions for When you are Between Sizes.

1) Skirts are Your New Best Friend
Most skirts fit naturally just below the smallest part of your waist. The beauty of a skirt is when you gain weight hike it up a bit on your waist. Sure it will be a little shorter, but it will buy you a bit of time till you can get the extra off.

Lose weight? Lower it a bit so the waistline skims your hips. It gives you about a half size worth of play. Pick a skirt in a stretchy fabric and it can take you through a whole size change.

2) Use a Belt
When tops or dresses are too big, a belt is an easy way to take in half a size and show off your waist.




3) Knot the Excess Fabric
The 1980’s tie a knot in the side of your t-shirt takes on a new twist. Knots can be used to cinch excess fabric and bring new life to your wardrobe as you are losing weight.

Bring the sides together in a front knot. This works great on tops that are a little longer on the sides. If you end up with still too wide neckline/shoulders. Embrace it and let one sleeve be worn off the shoulder.



Look for S/M/L versus numbered sizing. This stretchy fabric gives you a little more wiggle room. Here’s a Lularoe Carly dress in a size large that we cinched on the inside (using a rubber band or hair tie) to now fit a size small or medium. How cute is that?!


Make a “tail” inside to gather the fabric


This tail can also be used on a flowy top or tunic. For this top we gathered the fabric in the back. So pretty!

This one might take some playing. Cinch off the fabric before putting the top on and adjust as needed to fit.



4) Unbutton It
My button up tops always pucker at my chest. But if I go up a size it’s big all over. Quick solution is to undo a couple buttons. Add a statement necklace to make it look intentional.



5) Unbutton It – Round 2
Pants are by far the hardest item to fit. Allow yourself to breathe by using a hair tie to fasten your jeans. This is great during pregnancy when the jeans get a little snug but you aren’t ready to move into maternity jeans yet.

7 Solutions for When you are Between Sizes

6) Size Up
If in doubt, always size up. A top that is slightly too big looks soooooo much better than a top that is slightly too tight. Plus it’s way easier to take a piece in than it is to let it out/add fabric.

7) Tailoring
When you get to a steady size it’s time to think about tailoring. T-shirts – skip it – BUT for your better pieces a take in the sides can be an inexpensive way to fill your wardrobe. If you need a recommendation call or stop in for Betty’s number. She’s awesome, reasonably priced, super sweet, and lives right here in town.

Or play a Barb and do a little makeshift tailoring of your own. Safety pin the waist until you are ready for the next size down.

7 Solutions for When you are Between Sizes

AND of course shopping consignment is a GREAT way to build a new wardrobe. We’d love to help you put some outfits together!



16 Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Have a teen on your Christmas list? We have soooo many ideas for you! Browse below as we take you on a trip around Best Bib and find 16 great gifts for teen girls.

Style from the Windy City. We have awesome accessories in our Chicago line that make great friend gifts!

1)Plaid Blanket Scarves {$18-$20}


2) Chicago Crossbody Bags {$36-$38}


3) Boho Beaded Bracelets {$9.50}


4) Layering Necklaces {$10}


5) CC Hats — available in slouch (pictured), beanie, messy bun, and brim {$14-$16)


6) Fleece lined leggings {$14}


7) Mini stone necklaces {$10}


8) Nepal Hats – 100% wool, fully lined, and handmade in Nepal {$15}


Teens love their accessories and clothing to have meaning. These accessories are all locally made and support creativity and arts in our community!


9) Guitar pick earrings made from real records. Made by Katie at For the Records {$8}



10) Love your school of choice luggage tags and coffee cozies made by Gail at Igal creations {$5-8}


11) Mix and Match Flowers & Bases (hair clips, bracelets, pins) made by Meg at Not So Plain Jane {$2-$6.50}


12) Simply Stated gemstone and charm necklaces made by Jennifer {$20}


13) Wish Bracelets made with sea glass by Jodie {$9}


14) Scrabble Tile Necklaces made by Aimee at The Sugarlane Shoppe {$9}


15) Interchangeable Snap Jewelry made by The Snap Exchange {$5-$20}

Give the gift of shopping with a Best Bib and Tucker Gift Certificate. We LOVE the family groups that come in every year…grandma with all her granddaughters in tow for a fun day of shopping and of course lunch. Make it a tradition!

You’ve got to love consignment shopping. Snag the brands they love without the price. Currently in stock Ugg, PINK, Under Armour, American Eagle, NIKE, Anthropologie, Vera Bradley, Free People, Buckle and more.

16) Vera Bradley – typically priced at 70% off retail!




Ohio’s Tax Free Weekend

For the third year the state of Ohio is offering a Sales Tax Holiday to kick off the back to school shopping season!

When you shop at Best Bib and Tucker Friday, August 4th through Sunday, August 6th you’ll pay no sales tax on clothing. The state of Ohio has a list of items that are included (see list here) but basically it is most of Best Bib- clothing, shoes, boots, swim & athletic wear, scarves, hats, belts, and formals! Noted exceptions are purses, jewelry, and items over $75. Have we mentioned Tax Free Weekend also falls during our annual Summer Clearance? Yep, 40% off nearly storewide and you don’t have to pay tax. 

Special Sunday Shopping Day — Join us August 6th from noon-3pm for tax free shopping!
See you at BBT



Spring Capsule Wardrobe: Teacher Edition

This season’s capsule wardrobe ideas are designed for teachers in honor of our community’s Townwide Teacher Appreciation Days (April 27th-29th, 2017).

Each year a group of businesses and organizations offer discounts and freebies to area teachers, school staff, and home school families. If you are in the Hartville area, grab your school ID and snag deals all over town! Details at www.lakechamber.com/teacherappreciation

Capsule wardrobe (n): a collection of clothing that coordinates allowing for mix and match outfits, less time deciding what to wear, and thrifty shopping (wear it many times instead of once!)

Here’s the gorgeous color palette we picked!

Because the end of the school year can be a “bit” warmish in our Ohio classrooms we picked pieces that allow for layering but are still cool.

The Core

  • Khaki colored crop pants
  • Gray skirt
  • 3 dresses – 1 print & 2 solids

The Tops
For the tops we picked a mix of solids and prints. Six to eight tops can be mixed and matched to make at least a couple dozen outfits! We threw in a jacket because again it’s Ohio and spring is ridiculous.

Our Favorite Outfits

The Gray Skirt

  • with a pretty top tucked in
  • with layered tops
  • with a jacket

The Dresses

  • layer tops over them
  • layer tops under them
  • add leggings or a jacket

We love button ups as a layer. Wear them alone, under another top, unbuttoned in place of a cardigan, and even knotted in the front. Look for light weight fabrics and sleeves that can be rolled.

Click on pic for a Scarf Tying How To: Knotted Waterfall 


Click on pic for a Scarf Tying How To: Double Slide Knot

The Crop Pants
Pick a length that works well with your shape. Ankle, just below the calf, mid calf, just below the knee…they all work!


Fall 2016 Color Trends

FALL!!! We flipped the shop to fall Labor Day weekend and it always amazes me how different the shop looks. Yes there are new displays, coats, and sweaters, but I think the real change to the atmosphere is the change in clothing colors.

We pulled Pantone’s fall 2016 colors today and picked some of our favorite combinations. What colors do you already have in your wardrobe? Which is your favorite? Which ones are you excited to add? Join the color conversation on our Facebook page!

Pantone's Fall 2016 colors and our favorite combinations and outfits

There are some amazing neutrals picked for this season. That warm taupe will go with anything. As all consuming as gray has been the past few years, it’s refreshing to see this gray/brown mix included. I am already keeping an eye out for a pair of boots in this color. Glad to see a pretty gray included too.

2016 fall colors- neutrals warm taupe, sharkskin, and riverside

Here are some of our favorite combinations:

#1 Dusty Cedar is such an interesting pink. We love it with the blues.
Fall colors - dusty cedar, warm taupe, riverside, airy blue
This is a great combo for those of you wondering what to add to the chambray top you purchased last year. And if you are looking for a handbag for fall you can’t go wrong with this Marc Jacobs beauty. That warm taupe color is timeless.
Fall Outfits in Pantone's Fall 2016 colors - Riverside, Airy Blue, Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar
#2 Leaf Inspired When I think of traditional fall colors this “spicy mustard” and “potter’s clay” are tops on my list.

Pantone fall 2016 warm taupe, spicy mustard, potter's clay
Fall Outfits in Pantone's 2016 Fall colors- spicy mustard, potter's clay

#3 Cools If you gravitate more towards cool tones or like me are just green addicted this combo of “Lush Meadow”, “Riverside”, and “Sharkskin” is going to be your go to.
2016 Fall colors- lush meadow, riverside, sharkskin
Fall Outfits in Pantone's 2016 fall colors lush meadow, riverside, sharkskin


Summer Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Mom and I are both big fans of capsule wardrobes. It takes some of the thought away from figuring out what you are wearing every morning and makes your wardrobe more versatile- three cheers for being thrifty!

Bonus — it makes packing for vacation really easy! Take out what you wear on day one and the rest of this could easily fit into a carry on sized bag with room for toiletries and whatever souvenirs you bring home.

The Capsule
1 Maxi Dress
1 Capris, 2 Shorts
1 Cardigan, 6 Tops
2 Shoes, 1 Handbag
2 Necklaces, 1 Bracelet, 1 Sunglasses
summer capsule 1The Outfits

Here are 16 ways to mix and match this capsule. There are sooooo many more ways to mix and match them too.

The first group starts with a maxi dress as a base. Just add accessories for a simple look or add a button up for chilly days. I love wearing tops over my dresses. It turns it into a top/skirt look that adds so many more ways to wear the dress.

summer capsule wardrobe outfits with a maxi dress

White capris are a great suitcase addition. They are easy to match with any top you pack and goes from casual to a dressier dinner out.

summer capsule wardrobe outfits with white capris

Denim shorts are a wardrobe staple. Of course they make it onto your must pack list.

summer capsule wardrobe outfits with denim shorts

The yellow in this color pallet is great for keeping it light and summery.

summer capsule wardrobe outfits with yellow shorts

Happy packing (and even happier vacation)!

Capsule size 10-12. Available at BBT as of 6/23/2016. Knee High by the 4th of July SALE runs through July 2nd. 20% off shorts, capris, and mid-length skirts and dresses.


Scarf Tying: Quick Way to Tie an Infinity Scarf

This has been my go to way to tie an infinity scarf this spring. It takes less than 30 seconds and is easier than tying your shoes. Try it!30 second way to tie an infinity scarf

Start with the scarf around your neck.
Spread apart one side and make two tails.
Tie these tails together twice.
Fluff a bit and you are finished.



Fashion Tip: How to Fix Belt Tail

Belt Tail — the end of a belt that sticks out and makes a person crazy. Last week I had on a new favorite outfit (tunic, long cardi, leggings, and boots — it’s the closest one can get to pj’s all day) but the belt was causing me grief.

how to fix belt tail

Luckily there is an easy fix and you can find it in a craft store — Glue Dots! You don’t even need permanent strength– actually permanent scares me. One or two “removable” dots will stick all day. I usually even leave mine on and get a second or third wear out of them. Just be sure to stick them down when you store your belt so they don’t get fuzzy/unsticky.

belt tail fix

Simple and cheap way to keep me sane 🙂
belt fix

Designer Bags
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