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Archive for the ‘Fashion Tips’ Category

Color Combo: Salmon & Navy

Traditional and polished but still fun, we’re loving the salmon and navy color combo for this month.

The name Navy Blue originates from the color of British Royal naval uniforms. Navy easily goes nautical; in a stripe there’s no denying it. Put it on a cardigan and you can go ahead and start daydreaming of a day on the yacht. Recommended for Monday’s when the weekend seems oh so far away.

salmon & navy 2

Cardigan Loft sz M $14, Capris Loft sz 10 $12.50, Top Fever sz M $9, Hat Chicago $14, Set of 2 Vintage bangle bracelets $3, Shoes Naturalizer sz 5.5 $20

Works for a day out shopping or add jewelry for dinner out. Here we kept shorts and all accessories in navy with a big pop of salmon in the top. Color blocking at it’s simplest is oh so effective. 

salmon & navy 1

Top Spence sz L $10.50, Shorts Outback Red sz 8 $14, Coach Ashley Embossed Leather Bag $89, New Sunglasses $8, Shoes Etienne Aigner size 6 $35

Looking to layer on another color? This vibrant teal looks amazing.

salmon & navy 3

Whale Scarf Chicago $15, Crossbody Bag Chicago $20, Earrings $5, Dress American Eagle sz XL $15, Tank So sz L $4.50

Is this a combo you would wear? Try it and post a pic on our Facebook page.

July's Color Combo to Try


What to Wear Wednesday: Wanderlust

Summer always turns my mind to far off places with my wardrobe following right along.

I haven’t been on a boat in years but that doesn’t stop me from rocking nautical stripes.

nautical stripes

Loft top size small $10
Octopus charm necklace $10

wanderlust 1

Lauren Conrad beach print top size M $8.50

Or maybe you’re more of a city girl…

wanderlust 2

Juniors Forever 21 tank size medium $4

places scarves

Wanderlust Scarves
Available in Italy, New York, & England.
{BBT Chicago $18}

And remember that wherever you wander and how far you roam there’s no place like home…

Sew Appealing Ohio Totes at Best Bib and Tucker Hartville, Ohio Handmade Market

“Where Your Heart Is” totes by Sew Appealing
{$22 BBT Handmade Market}

The Snap Exchange Map Snaps

Interchangeable Jewelry Snap Maps available for Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Hartville
by The Snap Exchange
{$6 BBT Handmade Market}

3 Ways to Feed the Travel Bug from Home

1. Usually drive? Get out the bikes or walk your neighborhood. Life is friendlier on foot. People wave at you and call out friendly greetings. Yield to pedestrians is real- and empowering.

2. Create a summer bucket list. One year our family tried a different ice cream shop each week! There are so many places just a hop and a skip away that we’ve never been too. Who says wanderlust has to include an epic journey. This year’s list includes Beech Creek gardens in Alliance, checking out the eagle’s nest at Walborn Reservoir, and tracking down a cannoli from Retz’s Laconi’s II Restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls (A daughter of one of the Ninni’s is co-owner and the craving for their pastry is real).

Exploration helpers:
Discover Hartville
(Blog, Facebook, and community calendar)

Northeast Ohio Family Fun is a great site for events but also ongoing activities

3. Read about it. I know it sounds cliche but you really can explore the world through books. Plus curling up with a good read is a great activity for a rainy day. Did you know 21 out of the 30 days in June had rain? Yikes!


What to Wear Wednesday: Family Photos Part 2

If you read last week’s post you know we have been working on outfits for family photos. We were struggling a bit with how to combine family members who wear a neutral colors and those that actually like to wear color.

Here is the color pallet we picked out:

family photo color pallet
We had a non-rainy day for photos and Sippo Lake made for a great natural setting. Will post photos when we get them back in a couple weeks!


What to Wear Wednesday: Family Photos

For Christmas we gave my mom (Barb) a family photo session for when my sister and her husband visit in May. Well May is here which means photo time is upon us. What are we wearing is the question of the day. Make that a question with LOTS of question marks (and maybe an exclamation point or two depending on when you talk to me).

Deciding what to wear has turned into a bit of a style analysis. This outfit should reflect my personality— it’s going to hang on the wall for a long time. In our last family photo I was 5 years old and in a denim jumper. I know I’m probably over thinking it (hence my family photo list of goals below) and making it more stressful than it needs to be BUT…

– Coordinate without being “matchy”
I think the trick here is to work with a color pallet and make sure everyone isn’t wearing the same color top.

– Select colors that will look good on all of us
You’d think this would be easy enough. But existing wardrobes are tricky to blend. Notice I’m only showing mom’s and my typical wardrobe. Emily’s wardrobe is varied enough to blend with anything and lets face it the guys will go get a polo for what ever pallet we choose.

meg barb wardrobe colors

– Keep it casual
We have the formal wedding photos and now need something that looks like we do on any day (albeit slightly cleaned up from gardening and I promise to put on some make up). We talked about what we wear on a daily basis, what pieces in our wardrobe we love and why, and what is most figure flattering.

– Select colors that will work outdoors (Sippo Lake is the chosen location)
Tricky because we haven’t been there and aren’t sure what background options we have. Anyone frequent that park and have suggestions?

– Select colors that will look good hanging in our houses.
Not a huge concern but it helped us narrow down colors we liked.

Yesterday we picked a general pallet of EARTH TONES. I decided I want to wear a maxi skirt. I wear them a lot- it’s feminine and functional without being frilly or lacy. I found an oregano green colored one that I think will work. I have a lot of prints in my wardrobe- stripes, florals, etc that I love BUT think it will be too bold for a photo. I want to blend not be the one your eyes go to first. So maybe a pattern under a jacket or cardigan???

This has been cathartic, thanks for reading along with my first world problem. Will keep you posted on what we come up with!

Have family picture suggestions or tips? Leave us a comment below or tell us on our Facebook page.

UPDATE! Here’s the color pallet we picked!


6 Ways to Tie a Trench Coat

It’s time for What to Wear Wednesday! Spring is trench coat season and oh how I love a great trench.

If you are like me you zip out of the house in the morning and don’t think to tie your belt until you are driving down the road wondering what that sound is—-oh my belt is caught in the door and flapping around outside—-happens more than I care to admit. So my spring goal is to think of fun ways to tie it so I save my pretty coat from road rash. I came up with 6 ways that should take less than 30 seconds of my morning routine.
6 Ways to Tie a Trench Coat

1) Double Knot
Coat’s on belt is knotted twice. Works great if belt is thin or you are slim. I find a double knot too bulky for my liking but in a pinch it will do.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- Double Knot
2) Bow
Cute! A bow can soften a utilitarian style of jacket. This works best when belts are extra long as creating the bow will take extra fabric. Just tie it like you tie your shoes.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- Bow
3) Buckle & Tuck
Does your belt have a buckle? Try actually buckling it- novel concept! That long remaining end can be tucked in once or twice so it doesn’t get in the way.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- Buckle and Tuck
4) Back Bow
Some mornings there is no time for buttoning. I’m thinking of hanging the coat in the closet with this tie already done, slip my arms in and out the door I go. The trick to this one is to tie it when the coat is off, preferably laying flat AND upside down. Tying bows upside down means the ends will end on the bottom.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- Back Bow
5) Back Neck Tie 
Same concept as above, for when you’re feeling less girly. See how to tie the neck tie below.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- Back Neck Tie
6) 4 in Hand Tie
This one is my go to- quick, lays flat, easy to undo, and just a little different than a simple knot.
How to Tie a Trench Coat- 4 in Hand
And because I love you so much…here’s how to tie it.
Step 1– Start with one end longer than the other.
How to Tie a Trench Coat step 1Step 2– Wrap the long end around the short end.
How to Tie a Trench Coat step 2
How to Tie a Trench Coat step 3Step 3- Repeat step 2
How to tie a trench coat step 4
Step 4– Tuck that same “long” end in the space between the knot and the coat from the bottom to the top.
How to tie a trench coat step 5Step 5– Finish by tucking the “long” end in the wrap you made in step 3. Pull the ” short” end to tighten.
How to tie a trench coat step 6
How to Tie a Trench Coat 4 in Hand Knot


What to Wear Wednesday: Jeans and a T-Shirt

Today’s challenge: jeans and a t-shirt for everyone’s style. Here are three ways to wear this comfortable and simple look without looking sloppy or boring.


For the t-shirt loving girl who fears being boring we grabbed a graphic tee- something with words or picture. The blazer is key to keeping this outfit out of the boring category. This one has a great crunched sleeve. Because of the longer length of the jacket we picked a pair of skinny jeans. Easy flats and sunglasses keep accessories simple!
jeans and a t-shirt 1

Tee by Epic Threads size L $7.50
Blazer by Lauren Conrad size 8  $14
Shoes by Yuu size 7.5 $12.50
Jeans by J Crew size 8 $24
New Sunglasses $8

For the fashionista who needs a casual alternative we used the same jacket from above but swapped the denim for a designer embellished pair. Heels are a must- look for a pair that makes a statement. A plain white tee would be a great choice but we had this awesome black and gray leopard print that could never be called boring. Need more glam? Add more jewelry by layering necklaces, a ring or two, and some bangle bracelets.Jeans and a t-shirt 2

Tee by Freeloader size S $16.50
Blazer by Lauren Conrad size 8 $14
Shoes by Anne Michelle size 10 $15
Jeans by Prvcy size 6 $60
Necklace $7

For the twirly skirt and lace wearing girl we picked a tee in a soft peach. The floral scarf tied into a poncho (see tutorial here) and belted adds softness and charm. Pair with a medium to light colored jean, a sweet necklace, and airy sandals. jeans and a t-shirt 3

Tee by Ann Taylor size L $8.50
Chicago Infinity Scarf $15
Shoes by Style & Co size 8 $10.50
Jeans by The Limited size 14 short $16
Belt size L/XL $7
Necklace $8


What to Wear Wednesday: 1970’s style

The 1970’s are making a comeback this summer. Keep an eye out for these items to keep your summer wardrobe on trend.

  • maxi dresses
  • floppy hats
  • bangles
  • peasant tops
  • bohemian jewelry

I had 1970’s style jewelry on my list while we were shopping in Chicago last week. I did a bit of research to study styles but knew I had the best 70’s experts shopping with me.

Some inspiration
70's patterns- style inspiration

Who better to help than someone who lived through it! Mom (and dad!) answered “does this look 70’s?” countless times throughout the day.

Here are a few pieces we brought back and some 70’s style outfits to wear with them.

70s boho top and jewelry

Bohemian: Layered Jewelry and Headbands

70s style head scarves and beads

Peasant: Turn a scarf into a head wrap and add some beads

70s style maxi dress and floppy hats

Printed maxi dresses make their debut in our Chicago line. Add a floppy hat and a set of vintage bangle bracelets and you’ve got the 70’s down.


What to Wear Wednesday: Pantone’s Spring 2015 Colors

We’re headed to Chicago next week to bring back new accessories for the shop! It’s always fun to see what colors are trending for the season. Have you checked out Pantone’s Spring 2015 colors yet?

pantone spring 2015 colors flowers with names

Which are you most likely to wear?
Meg: I’m always looking for a great green and Woodbine is just a shade lighter than my eyes- perfect!

Barb: I ask Barb which are her favorites and my non-colorful mother rattles off “Toasted Almond, Titanium, and Glacier Gray” Really? She’s so predictable. Barb says she’d throw in a little Lavender Herb too.

Our Favorite Combos

spring 2015 color combination 1 spring 2015 color combination 2 spring 2015 color combination 3 spring 2015 color combination 4


Which are your favorites? Tell us in the comments or join the conversation on our Facebook Page!


Scarf Tying: Double Slide Knot

A twist on the simple slide knot! I get “that’s neat” comments every time I wear a scarf this way. So, it’s made its way onto my keeper list. Try it and tell us what you think!

Double Slide Knot
double slide knot scarf tying

Start with your scarf around your neck with one end longer than the other.
double slide knot scarf tying step 1

Tie the longer end around itself to form a knot. Leave it loose so there is a loop. It works best if this first knot is just under your collar bone.
double slide knot scarf tying step 2
With the remaining long end, tie a second knot.

double slide knot scarf tying step 3
Finish by feeding the short end through the loops starting from the top.
double slide knot scarf tying step 4


We’re sharing this scarf tie tutorial at The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday- one of our favorite sites for fashion inspiration.
pleated poppy


What to Wear Wednesday: Spring 2015 Fashion Peek

My task for this week was to plan the spring floor layout for the shop. It’s so nice amidst this record cold to be thinking of warmer weather and figuring out where to put the shorts!

We are also actively taking in spring consignments and planning our spring accessories buying trip to Chicago. Lots of fun discussions and research going on- What prints are going to be popular, should we get more long necklaces or short ones, what trends are more likely to show up in consignment shops, etc.

I always start by thinking about what styles were popular in the last year. Then I compare them to the runway trends for this spring.

Current Trend —> It’s Twist for Spring

Current: Plaid
Spring: Plaid’s fair weather cousin, gingham is predicted to be popular this spring. Small or large checks and any color goes- traditional picnic blues and reds to neutral tans or pops of color like the great pink one below.
Consignment Find-ability: High. Gingham is a traditional print and has been extra popular for a few years.

Current: Crossbody Bags
Spring: Crossbody bags are sticking around! Extra emphasis this season on saddle bag, bucket styles, and round designs.
Consignment Find-ability: High/Low. Saddle and bucket bags are staples and should be easy enough to find. There might even be some great vintage bags in these styles. Round shaped bags on the other hand are rarer. Keep an eye out to snag one!

bags spring style trend

round crossbody via Free People

via Free People

Current: Earthy & Ethnic Prints
Spring: Safari, especially trench dresses, outback tops, and untraditional animal prints. While leopard/cheetah prints are always in style, this seasons “animal” comes more in the form of graphic tees, and large “whole” animals rather than a pattern.
Consignment Find-ability: Medium/Low. There is some overlap style between earthy and safari, especially in jewelry. If you are having a hard time finding a trench dress, look for a shirt dress and add a belt. The graphic animals could be a hard find at consignment shops. We definitely plan on looking for bold animal scarves when we head to Chicago to buy accessories this spring.

safari spring trend
Current: Skinny Jeans
Spring: Trend watchers say this season’s 70s vibe will bring wide and flared jeans along with it. I still think the skinnies have a hold on Northeast Ohio so it may take a few seasons to see this wider style be desirable. BUT, I do expect to see the 70s show up in accessories- think platform sandals, long pendant necklaces, and statement earrings. As far as jeans go for spring, we are all about the skinny ankle length. Barb can’t wait to roll a cuff and throw on some flats WITHOUT socks!
Consignment Find-ability: Medium/High. We won’t be carrying many flared or wide leg jeans in the shop, they just don’t sell well (yet?). If you are looking to be a trend setter you may see a few pairs sprout up on our designer denim rack. As far as 70s style accessories go consignment find-ability is high and we are all over this long pendant necklace trend (Megan’s favorite!).

70's vibe accessories

Designer Bags

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