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Archive for the ‘Up-Cycling’ Category

Thoughts on Earth Week: Consignment and Upcycling

Mom and I are consignment, resale, and thrift shopping mavens. And while my main motivation is to build a wardrobe with quality pieces at a price my frugal self can tolerate, it’s awesome to know my closet is good for the environment.

Both Sides of Consignment are Green

The landfill should be the last option for your clothing. Our closet clean-outs go in this order:

Take the pieces in excellent condition to BBT
Even my second hand shopping/picky shopper self has a basket of items to bring to the shop each season. The hardest part is cleaning out the closet. Click here to learn more about consigning at BBT.

Upcycle what we can
This means harvesting interesting buttons and fabrics to use in craft projects and using old t-shirts for rags. You’ll even find tights with runs cut into strips and used to tie up our tomato vines in the garden.

Send other wearable items to the thrift shop
Note: have items that are unwearable (ie  that top I snipped the lace off to use in a craft project)? Place it in a bag marked “salvage” before donating.


The greenest clothing you can buy is second hand. It’s locally sourced, requires no additional manufacturing, and keeps like new items out of the trash. At Best Bib we look for quality pieces. Fast fashion/disposable clothing just don’t last. The well made pieces we select for our shop hold up through many wears and washes.consignment Best Bib and Tucker

Upcycling in our Handmade Market
Many of our ridiculously talented artists are master repurposers!

Woven Fabric Baskets at Best Bib and Tucker Handmade Market Hartville, Ohio

button bracelets 2

t-shirt scarves and necklaces

Mixed Up Media Mom

Upcycled necktie bracelets Best Bib and Tucker Hartville, Ohio handmade market

Janet Bandy handmade recycled jewelry

SH&T Studio Arrows

slightly hammered and twisted studio copper wire bird and goose necklaces

denim cuff bracelet

Jennifer Worden Necklaces

Rot the Records bottles

for the records bowls

For the Records new May 2014


Up-Cycling: Zero Landfill Akron

Dad and I braved the snow yesterday morning to be treasure hunters!

Zero Landfill is an organization the collects sample material from interior designers/architects then makes them available to artists, non-profits, teachers etc all free of cost. Think of all the samples you see walking though a hardware store to get an idea of the types of material available- lots of fabric, wall covering, flooring, brick, stone, glass and paint samples, and empty binders.

Here’s what we brought home:
zero landfill Akron

Already working on some jewelry displays for the shop out of what I think were samples of window blinds (see bottom right corner) and the cork (top left). The paint samples are awesome for making signs and you know I have at least 10 ideas in my head for the gorgeous fabric. Dad also scored some large carpet squares to put in front of his work bench in the garage.

Such fun energy and creativity swirling around the event. Plus it’s nice to be around like-minded people who see the pure joy in a table full of fabric samples rather than seeing it as trash.

The Akron “harvest” will take place again next Saturday from 9-noon. Address is Canal Place downtown, 530 S. Main Street, Akron. (See the website for a map– Canal Place can be a little confusing your first time driving in. Just watch for the Zero Landfill signs). Another event will take place in Cleveland late this summer.

Remember to bring a few bags or boxes to carry your finds away!


How to Tie 2 Scarves into a Tote

We love thinking of “off-label” uses for our scarves. (See 7 Ways to Use a Pashmina)

We had a easy way of tying a square scarf into a tote that we teach in our scarf tying classes but no good way to do it with a long rectangle scarf. I took that as a challenge and came up with this cute tote. It uses 2 complementary scarves and even has a divider- Super useful for my organized self.
how to turn scarves into a tote no sew

What You Need:
– 2 wide rectangular scarves (mine are 75″ x 28″)

Step 1
-Lay your scarf flat and grab about a third of the way in on each side. Pinch the fabric to make a tail at each hand.
Scarf to Tote Step 1Step 2
Tie these two tails to each other. Double knot to secure. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the bottom of the scarf.
Scarf to Tote Step 2Step 3
Use your 2nd scarf as a handle. Do nothing if you like a crossbody bag/long strap. To shorten for a shoulder bag, tie 2-3 knots.
Scarf to Tote Make a HandleStep 4
Thread the end of your handle into the loop created by your double knot. Then tie to secure. Repeat on other side.
Scarf to Tote Step 4Scarf to Tote Step 4 continuedScarf to Tote Step 4 continued 2
Step 5
To form the tote we tied the corners of the pink scarf to the handle just above the knots you just made (2 pink knots on each side of the handle)
Scarf to Tote Step 5
Scarf to Tote- Inside compartments


How to Use a Square Scarf to Wrap a Package

Wrapping with a scarf is easier than wrapping with paper. Plus it’s eco friendly and no tape is needed!

1- Lay square scarf flat with package in the center
2- Fold in sides. To add a pocket for a card fold one side back (see photo 2)
3- Tuck in ends.
4- Bring remaining ends to the top and double knot
5- Add a hair clip or vintage pin to top it off!

scarf wrapping


10 Upcycled and Vintage Gift Wrapping and Decor Ideas

We’re all about upcycling at BBT and when it comes to Christmas wrapping and decorating it’s no different.
Here are 10 ideas on how to make something old new again.  All ornaments and gift tags are available in our handmade market.

Brown kraft paper + upcycled burlap bags cut into strips + twine + ornament (ornament via Slightly Hammered and Twisted Studio)
Copper wire bird ornaments Slightly Hammered and Twisted Studio
We mod podged book pages to the kraft paper then added the burlap ribbon
Merry and Bright: We used markers to make polka dots then added a bright sparkly ribbon.  Could also be done with a single color- think red or black dots! Hedgehog ornament via Not So Plain Jane
Polka Dot Craft Paper with Felt Hedgehog Ornament
Simply pretty packages: Weave a long piece of string then tie on a pretty ornament! Snowflake ornament via Sisters Sew’n Together

Ornament Tree made from pallets and an upcycled lamp base
Pallet Ornament Tree

Upcycled wallpaper gift bags and comic book bows available in our Handmade Market

Book page bows

Vintage Plaid Ribbon! Raid your mom or grandma’s craft room.
Painted and adorned bottles via For the Records (available in our handmade market).
Have jewelry boxes lying around?  Grab some mod podge, tissue paper, book pages or patterns and pretty them up! Add twine for an easy yet pretty package!


Kids Kitchen Before and After

This children’s kitchen was headed to the trash when our dear Mary rescued it.
kids play kitchen repainted

With a coat of paint and wooden discs (from Hobby Lobby) for burners velcroed in place we took the kitchen up a notch.kids play kitchen DIY

Add pots and pans, some fabulous 1950’s dishes, and Barb and Megan’s felt food “cooking” skills.
Felt food pizza felt food cupcakes Felt Food Chicken Noodle Soup and Pan felt food breakfast

This cutie has found a home in our kids play room!

kids play at Best Bib and Tucker

We love when kids come to play while their moms shop.  Make some scrumptious treats in our kitchen, color a picture for our monthly coloring contest, read a book, do a puzzle, or play with our cars, blocks, dinosaurs, and trains!


Coffee Dying a Rug

Here at Best Bib and Tucker, we are usually the stain removers. But, today we are using coffee to create stains.

We found this great geometrical print rug for the new shop. Problem is the print is just too white. The shop’s decor is geometrical but with a slightly vintage kinda distressed edge. Coffee to the rescue. It’s 100% cotton so this should work, right!?

gray and white geometrical rug

We started out brewing strong coffee to soak the rug.  I’ve seen people use utility sinks or their washing machines for dying, we went straight to the bath tub.  It’s going to be a pain to clean up but we couldn’t think of anything else large enough for such a big rug.

coffee dyed rug 2

After 30 minutes of soaking we took the rug outside to be rinsed off and to dry.  There was a slight color change but it was still too bright for the shop. We think it had been pre-treated with some kind of stain block.

Confident in our ability to get through we scrubbed in coffee grounds, then let that sit and soak in.  If I did this again I think I’d skip right to this step and avoid the soaking all together.

coffee dyed rug 3
The end result is a gray rug with an ivory print. If we wanted it darker we could soak longer but our goal was to just dim the white. Looking forward to seeing it in the new shop!

coffee dyed rug 4


Upcycled T-Shirt Rug Tutorial

One of our “new shop” projects has been making toys  for the kids playroom.  Going along with the addition of our Handmade Market, we’d love for all of the these toys to be handmade, creative learning, or art focused.

We are currently looking for a small table to transform into a play kitchen.  Keep your eyes out for us!

This week we finished a rug made of t-shirts.  It was a bit time consuming- start to finish (cutting, knotting, crocheting, sewing, and finishing touches) on the upside of 10 hours.  But, it’s not a complicated process so much was completed while watching evening TV.

Up-cycled T-Shirt Rug Tutorial

upcycled teal and gray t-shirt rug tutorial
Materials (for a 3.5 foot diameter rug)

  • 20 Adult size T-shirts– We used a mix of junior’s XS to men’s XL
  • 6mm Crochet Hook– Get a metal one, the plastic ones will break
  • Spool of Thread– We used nylon thinking it would hold up better and less likely to break while sewing
  • Scissors and a Hand Sewing Needle


Step #1 Cutting
Dollar Store Crafts has a simple tutorial for cutting a t-shirt into yarn.  For this project your strips should be 1.5″ wide.

Step #2 Knotting
We knotted the pieces together to make one continuous piece.  I didn’t think the loose tails would bother me in the finished product but they did.  So we spent some extra time sewing the knots and trimming. If I did it again I would sew the pieces together with my machine before crocheting.  The Dollar Store Crafts link mentioned above also shows a no-sew way to link the pieces.

Step #3 Crochet
Start with one end and tie a knot to form a loop. Put your hook through the loop and use it to pull a small portion of t-shirt through the loop. This will tighten to create a new loop. Repeat many times!

single crochet photo tutorial
*Note The plastic crochet hook snapped in half after about 2 t-shirts. Use a metal one!

Step #4 Sewing
Your needle should be sharp and strong enough to work through the fabric but you don’t want it so thick that it leaves gaping holes. We used a 2″ needle.

Grab one end and start circling.  Once you have a few rows start sewing them together. how to sew a t-shirt rug

  • Laying the rug out on a flat surface while sewing will help keep everything flat and circular.
  • If you pull your thread too tight the rug will get bumpy.  Give it some breathing room.
  • Keep all stitches hidden or at least only visible on one side.


up-cycled t-shirt rug tutorial


New Wedding Items in our Top Drawer Finds Etsy Shop

We’ve added lots of pretty wedding items to our shop this month! Check them out here: Top Drawer Finds

We’re happy to arrange for local pick up at the new shop!  Use the code LOCALPICKUP at checkout to remove shipping costs.

mismatched china wedding centerpiece a
mismatched china wedding shabby chic centerpiece
she said yes flashcards b
Mr and Mrs flashcards b
flinch b
two blue suitcases
I do flashcards b

For more wedding tips, tutorials, and local venues read our entire Wedding March series.


Using Vintage Suitcases in your Wedding

Vintage luggage is perfect for a wedding.  It’s the start of a new adventure! Plus they are oh so pretty.

We usually have a case or two available in our Top Drawer Finds Etsy shop and you can always count on Faded Velvet in Hartville, Ohio to have some cuties to choose from.

5 ways to use vintage luggage
1. Cake Stand
No words necessary, this is just stunning!

2. Card Collection
Card banners will be available in the wedding section of our Handmade Market, opening this Spring!
shabby chic card banner3. Signs

This case has been painted on one side with chalkboard paint. Erase and use it for home decor after the big day!

4. Bridal Shower Buffet Table
Tissue Paper Pom Pom tutorial coming later this week!

5. Seating Chart
Just add wire and clothespins! We are planning on trying something similar for our earring display at the new shop.  Tutorial coming soon.

For more DIY wedding ideas read our entire Wedding March series.

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