Keeping stress down and comfort up is key to enjoying the holiday season. It’s amazing what a few wardrobe decisions (and remembering snacks) can add to a shopping trip.

5 Components of a Power Shopping Outfit  BBT Tips

5 Components of a Power Shopping Outfit

1) Vest
Leave the bulky winter coat in the car without fear a freezing in the parking lot.

2) Hat
There’s no time to keep fluffing it, just cover it with a hat. Trying things on is sure to mess it up anyway

3) Crossbody Bag
Hands free is the way too be. Just be sure to leave space in there for a snack. No one likes you when you are hangry.

4) Jeans 
Preferably something with a bit of stretch AND high enough that you can bend over without everything hanging out.

5) Flats
You wouldn’t wear heels to a marathon. This is the time for flats with some support.