August is a busy time of year at BBT.  Not only is our clearance sale going on but it’s back to school season in our children’s department.  Put these two together and you can score some major deals!

So, in addition to the obvious look for sales, here are some clothing shopping tips we’ve collected from BBT moms:

  • Make a list of what they need– open the drawers and closets to really see what they have in there, what fits, and what they don’t like anymore.  ***This is also a great time to clean out and bring  your items in for consignment.   BBT is currently accepting Fall and Winter items. Check out: How to Consign ***
  • Set a Budget
  • Evaluate Needs vs. Wants–  I remember having this conversation with my daughter when she was in middle school.  Yes she WANTED three hoodies, but she really only NEEDED one.  Still to this day she will tell you she needed three :).  We bought her one and she was welcome to purchase the other two with her own money.
  • Know the Dress Code– the school’s and your own.  Have a conversation about this before hitting the stores.
  • Ask them what they want– This will help you plan on what stores you need to go to and is a much better conversation had at home instead of the middle of a store.  This is also a great way to start a conversation about budget.
  • Don’t try to do it all in one outing
  • Bring Snacks– If I don’t keep my girls fed during shopping trips they get grouchy.  (and they are in their 20’s!)
  • Spread it Out– Do you need everything now?  If you have a kid who likes to shop, reserve some of that budget for a September/October shopping trip.  You’ll hit after peak season sales and will be able to add some winter items into the mix.