Best Bib and Tucker’s
1st Annual Handmade Market Sale
April 21st – May 3rd

Sales, crafty classes, spring giveaway, and gift with purchase!

Get to know some of our ridiculously talented artists!

One Crafty Chick
The bright prints and pretty patterns of One Crafty Chick’s coffee cozies and key fobs add a bit of joy to our day. They are customer favorites for teacher gifts!
one crafty chick coffee cozies with name
From Cyndi~
Cyndi Dicintio is “One Crafty Chick”. I am a 64-year-old grandmother who has been sewing since 7th grade.  If you calculate that, it adds up to a lot of years! I especially enjoy sewing for my home and making all manner of things with fabric.  I originally made the coffee & lip balm cozies & key fobs for family & friends.

When BBT reopened and added the Handmade Market I saw it as an opportunity to make a little “mad money” while doing something I enjoy!  I have lots of ideas for more useful, fun, “I just have to have that” little necessities! I also do floral & interior design (mostly for friends & family) and am inspired by nature and the beauty of creation (& Pinterest, of course!). The name “One Crafty Chick” came about because, well, I like chickens!

One Crafty Chick Set
Linden Hill Apothecary
Lauren’s soaps are new to the shop this spring. So many great scents and fun names make these easy gifts!
Linden Hill Apothecary soaps
From Lauren~
My name is Lauren. I love making soap. I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades, but an expert in none. My days are filled with the laughter of four crazy kids and one amazing man. I started making soap a few years ago when my kid’s eczema got out of control. Everything I had tried was making it worse. After I started making soap and using it exclusively, it cleared up. My friends started asking to buy it….and a handmade business was born.

When I was a kid I planted a linden tree with my grandpa in their backyard. I watched it grow from a tiny little thing into the huge tree that it is today. The name Linden Hill represents how I want to watch my business grow…the way I watched that tree grow over my lifetime.

Linden Hill Shave bar and Soap Company

Not So Plain Jane
Megan runs the Handmade Market for Best Bib and Tucker. You can usually find her at the shop tucked behind a computer or a camera! 
Ohio Love
From Megan~
In the time we spent relocating the shop I taught myself to sew on my great aunt’s 1970’s sewing machine. I love creating- the personal joy that comes with making something beautiful and the shared joy of seeing someone love it as much as I do. I primarily work with upcycled materials- jeans, tee shirts, vintage buttons and trim, and love hunting for vintage fabric. I sew everywhere and leave a trail of pins and needles behind me- not a good combination with my propensity to go barefoot.  The name Not So Plain Jane comes from my enjoyment of finding the hidden little things in life that make it beautiful.
denim cuff bracelet