We’re very excited to announce our 1st Annual Handmade Market Sale!
HM Sale Bright

Join us at Best Bib and Tucker April 21st-May 3rd for deals from your favorite artists, crafty classes, and a great Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Expanding our Handmade Market in the new shop has been such a fun endeavor. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some, as we say, ridiculously talented local artists. Over the next few days we’ll be featuring a few of them here on our blog as well as on our Facebook page. Come along as we introduce you to them and pop into the shop to pick up some of their lovely pieces!

Today’s Featured Artists

Jennifer Worden Arts
Jennifer’s upcycled glass necklaces and earrings are simply lovely. I get compliments every time I wear one of her necklaces and love the uniqueness of each piece. We catch ourselves looking at bottles thinking “ohh this would make a pretty necklace”.  Take a look at Jennifer’s facebook page for some of her other amazing work.
Jennifer Worden Best Bib and Tucker Handmade Market Upcycled jewelry

From Jennifer~
I am a self taught glass artist and have been working with glass for over 12 years. I’ve lived in several different regions of the country and have called Akron home since 1999. As a teenager I saw a PBS special about Dale Chihuly. The shine and fluidity of glass drew me in.

I started with glass mosaics in 2000. After a few years of that I tried lamp-working then kiln fusing using commercial art glass. When a friend presented me with a pretty blue wine bottle and said “You can use this, can’t you?”  I changed directions and started to use recycled glass. I find the limitations of the recycled glass has forced me to think of new approaches and designs.

I come up with many of my ideas while walking in the woods near my home. I take time to look in the nooks and crannies around trees and rocks and am inspired by the small plants and fungus that live there.
Jennifer Worden Necklaces

For the Records- by Catherine McMilen
We love watching what Katie comes up. She’s always trying something new and sharing the ups and downs of crafting on her Facebook page.

Rot the Records bottles
From Katie~
I’m a one-woman wolf pack, fabricating fabulous upcycled craft creations for local shows and boutiques, and my online shop. An unbridled sense of spontaneity and adventure guide me in life and art, from finding unexpected pieces to work with at a flea market in a new city to the soaring freedom of jumping out of a plane. I seek inspiration in great music, good food, unforgettable experiences, and making new friends coast-to-coast.

When I began two years ago, I never imagined I’d be selling my wares in store, art was an outlet for personal growth and to gift to friends and family. A dusty, old box full of vintage vinyl records at a summer yard sale spoke to me, begging to be given new life instead of meeting a wasteful, sad fate in a landfill, and I met my first craft challenge. I started making melted vinyl record bowls, layered vinyl wreaths, clever record earring holders, and decorative vinyl record mirrors. New materials and ideas continued coming with each new adventure, and I enjoyed experimented with creating unique items from comic books, craft beer bottles, crayons, bottle caps, and more.

It’s amazing how simple it was to find a way to be happy, share happiness and reduce our carbon footprint with little pieces of sustainable art. My art has found a new ambition in its hope to save the world one recycled craft at a time.

For the Records- Upcycled Bottle Cap Magnets

For the Records- Upcycled Bottle Cap Magnets

Gifts by Sandra

Sandra makes the crochet hot pads and dish cloths in the Kitchen section of our handmade market. They are popular hostess gifts and our customers have been snagging them to replace the dish cloths in their own kitchens.
Gifts by Sandra dish cloths
From Sandra~
I began knitting while in college for relaxation between study periods. When I learned I was going to be a grandmother, I picked up the art again, this time to make garments with love for the new babies. Eight years later, I now knit and crochet for creative expression enhancing patterns or combining a variety of yarns and colors.

I not only knit and crochet pot holders and dishcloths, but make an assortment of children’s clothing from mouse and kitten hats for newborn pictures to skirts, sweaters, hats and scarfs.  Future endeavors are to include knitted/crocheted clothing for women.
Gifts by Sandra Hot Pads