Season change in Ohio means it’s time for a wardrobe change. 

We always say the hardest part of consigning at BBT is cleaning out your closet. Here are some tips to help you decide what to keep, consign, donate, or toss.

Do you love it?
This is our number one rule. Putting on an outfit that you love makes you feel great. Shouldn’t all of your clothes make you feel this way?

You loved it too much
Inspect clothing for spots, tears, and general wear. These are the pieces that are primed for donating, tossing, or being repaired.
—Spot Removal Tips: BBT Tips Laundry

Bodies Change
Weight loss or gain is obviously going to trigger a wardrobe change. But, even when staying the same weight our bodies seem to shift, lift, and sag. A top that fit perfectly last season, may be the same size you’d wear this season but just doesn’t look right.
calories definied
Tired of it?
Let’s face it, last winter was brutal. Heavy sweaters that I would typically wear 3-4 times in a season were worn at least double. And while they still look like new, I’m tired of seeing myself in them.

What to wear with it?
I have a navy blazer in my closet that I’ve never worn. It fits perfectly. I love the color. My job is to put outfits together for other people. What is my problem?

Time-I’ve never taken the time to actively think about what to wear with it or even try it on with other pieces in my closet. It’s not a quick grab so I just shove it aside. I either need to consign the jacket, spend time trying it on, or take it with me when I go shopping. Ironically enough we do this for customers daily. Feel free to bring in those tricky pieces and we’ll help!

It also might just need an accessory. If you love it and it fits great make a solid attempt at incorporating it into your wardrobe before consigning. 

Job Change
Retiring, switching from a business dress office to a casual one, graduating? Our jobs often dictate what our wardrobes look like. When they change so do the clothes. Consigning items that no longer fit your life or style is a great way to make a few dollars towards your new wardrobe.

Defining your Style
Ask yourself if you were shopping right now would you buy it? Or maybe you just need to get out of a rut— too many striped tops or a closet full of black pants. Pinterest is great for helping you hone in on what colors, textures, and looks fit you. Browse our Fall/Winter  Fashion board for looks you love.
Fashion- FallWinter on Pinterest  244 Pins - Google Chrome 10222014 21011 PM.bmp

Bad Memories
Keep the lucky t-shirt and clear out the clothing that has bad memories associated. Free yourself from having to think about it every morning. Then come see us for a little retail therapy 😉

Big Closets
Those of you with lots of closet space do not have the same space gaining incentive to clean out. Often this leads to storing pieces you no longer wear until it goes out of style or you move. Take a look at our Cause for Consignment fundraising program. We have over 40 non-profits you can donate your items to. When they sell the non-profit gets paid. It may not make a difference to you if they sit in your closet but there are many many groups out there that would appreciate the donation!

Ok ladies. You can do this. Go tackle those closets. It will feel great when it’s done!

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