My jewelry always winds up on my bedside table, gets tucked into a drawer, or hangs from knobs on my bathroom cabinets.  None of which are ideal places.  Pieces on the table get knocked off and lost, pieces in the drawer tangle, and the moisture from the steam in my shower tarnish the pieces I leave in the bathroom.

Yes, I know the solution is a jewelry box.  But no run of the mill, store bought piece was going to work for this thrifty, upcycling girl.

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest:

I love the look of these bowls full of jewelry tucked into a drawer.  Especially like the pretty tea cup.

I like that there are places in this one to hang necklaces.  The hyper-organized side of me loves that the bins are labeled.

Source: via Best Bib and Tucker on Pinterest

This is just ingenious!  A towel bar with shower curtain hooks.  Perfect for long necklaces and what a space saver.  I’m not looking for anything this permanent in my house but what a great idea for jewelry display at the new store!

AND here’s what I came up with.  A vintage suitcase turned into a jewelry station!

Stay tuned —Tutorial coming soon!