Here at Best Bib and Tucker, we are usually the stain removers. But, today we are using coffee to create stains.

We found this great geometrical print rug for the new shop. Problem is the print is just too white. The shop’s decor is geometrical but with a slightly vintage kinda distressed edge. Coffee to the rescue. It’s 100% cotton so this should work, right!?

gray and white geometrical rug

We started out brewing strong coffee to soak the rug.  I’ve seen people use utility sinks or their washing machines for dying, we went straight to the bath tub.  It’s going to be a pain to clean up but we couldn’t think of anything else large enough for such a big rug.

coffee dyed rug 2

After 30 minutes of soaking we took the rug outside to be rinsed off and to dry.  There was a slight color change but it was still too bright for the shop. We think it had been pre-treated with some kind of stain block.

Confident in our ability to get through we scrubbed in coffee grounds, then let that sit and soak in.  If I did this again I think I’d skip right to this step and avoid the soaking all together.

coffee dyed rug 3
The end result is a gray rug with an ivory print. If we wanted it darker we could soak longer but our goal was to just dim the white. Looking forward to seeing it in the new shop!

coffee dyed rug 4