As much fun as I’m having “ice skating” on the way to my car every morning, I am itching for spring to get here. So, for this month’s color combo to try I went for some spring colors that incorporate really well into your winter outfits.

February Color Combo to Try
Teal & Chartreuse

After my 4th attempt at spelling chartreuse correctly, including a version so poorly constructed that even Google couldn’t recognize it, I think I’ve got a hold of it.

This color combo was inspired by one of my favorite retired Vera Bradley prints- Sittin in a Tree. Birds AND trees with a textured pastel teal jacket = LOVE!
teal & chartruse
Same color pallet but with just a touch of teal this time. This combo works great with silver, gold or copper jewelry. If your foot is a 7.5 you need to get in here and get these boots.

teal & chartreuse 3
Greens always make me happy, but chartreuse is a little too yellow for my fair complexion. So, I tend to opt for a darker, jewel tone teal and accessorize with chartreuse. Like this: teal & chartreuse 4
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