We are counting down to Best Bib and Tucker’s August 14th opening day! If you remember the before photos you are going to be amazed!

The duct work and the pipes from the old sprinkler system have been painted in BBT teal.

Best Bib and Tucker painted duct work

The 6′ mirror from the old shop has found a new home.  Amazing how something that took up an entire wall now looks tiny!
Best Bib and Tucker antique mirror
Fitting rooms with magnetic walls
Best Bib and Tucker Industrial Fitting rooms
Welcome to the shoe lounge.
Best Bib and Tucker Pipe shelves for shoe
The sconces from Schumacher Lumber have been repaired, repainted, and rehung.
Best Bib and Tucker outside
See You Soon!

Downtown Hartville Map- Best Bib and Tucker 127 Mill StreetBest Bib and Tucker
127 Mill St.
Hartville, OH 44632