Dad and I braved the snow yesterday morning to be treasure hunters!

Zero Landfill is an organization the collects sample material from interior designers/architects then makes them available to artists, non-profits, teachers etc all free of cost. Think of all the samples you see walking though a hardware store to get an idea of the types of material available- lots of fabric, wall covering, flooring, brick, stone, glass and paint samples, and empty binders.

Here’s what we brought home:
zero landfill Akron

Already working on some jewelry displays for the shop out of what I think were samples of window blinds (see bottom right corner) and the cork (top left). The paint samples are awesome for making signs and you know I have at least 10 ideas in my head for the gorgeous fabric. Dad also scored some large carpet squares to put in front of his work bench in the garage.

Such fun energy and creativity swirling around the event. Plus it’s nice to be around like-minded people who see the pure joy in a table full of fabric samples rather than seeing it as trash.

The Akron “harvest” will take place again next Saturday from 9-noon. Address is Canal Place downtown, 530 S. Main Street, Akron. (See the website for a map– Canal Place can be a little confusing your first time driving in. Just watch for the Zero Landfill signs). Another event will take place in Cleveland late this summer.

Remember to bring a few bags or boxes to carry your finds away!