We love thinking of “off-label” uses for our scarves. (See 7 Ways to Use a Pashmina)

We had a easy way of tying a square scarf into a tote that we teach in our scarf tying classes but no good way to do it with a long rectangle scarf. I took that as a challenge and came up with this cute tote. It uses 2 complementary scarves and even has a divider- Super useful for my organized self.
how to turn scarves into a tote no sew

What You Need:
– 2 wide rectangular scarves (mine are 75″ x 28″)

Step 1
-Lay your scarf flat and grab about a third of the way in on each side. Pinch the fabric to make a tail at each hand.
Scarf to Tote Step 1Step 2
Tie these two tails to each other. Double knot to secure. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the bottom of the scarf.
Scarf to Tote Step 2Step 3
Use your 2nd scarf as a handle. Do nothing if you like a crossbody bag/long strap. To shorten for a shoulder bag, tie 2-3 knots.
Scarf to Tote Make a HandleStep 4
Thread the end of your handle into the loop created by your double knot. Then tie to secure. Repeat on other side.
Scarf to Tote Step 4Scarf to Tote Step 4 continuedScarf to Tote Step 4 continued 2
Step 5
To form the tote we tied the corners of the pink scarf to the handle just above the knots you just made (2 pink knots on each side of the handle)
Scarf to Tote Step 5
Scarf to Tote- Inside compartments