This morning we attended a great presentation here in Hartville by Cinda Baxter, creator of The 3/50 Project.  (If you haven’t read our previous post on  The 3/50 Project check it out here: BBT Love for The 3/50 Project)  Not only were we excited to have a national speaker come to our little town but we are REALLY excited about all the ideas we have flowing to implement the message.

The 3/50 Project recently launched a campaign called “Keep the Cheer Here” which focuses on shopping in local, independent businesses this holiday season.

Here’s why spending locally makes sense:

Independent local merchants return 68% of their revenue to the community.  Big boxes, national chains?  Only 13%-43% returns.  Out of town websites?  Zero.
Spend it here. Get more back.
– source:

Plus it save you the headache of the mall parking lot!