It’s bound to happen to someone this weekend…

Ketchup and Mustard: the foes of holiday fun

Try these simple pantry solutions:


Pour Mr. Clean on stain, soak for 30 minutes, then rinse.  Wash as usual.  You can also try blotting with white vinegar from the inside of the fabric.

For white fabrics you can try hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.  These will slightly bleach the fabric so BE CAREFUL.


Mix 3 parts dishwashing liquid to 1 part rubbing alcohol.  Soak 10-20 min.  If stain turns dark, it will wash out.  Rinse with hot water.

On white clothing:  Soak spot in mixture of 1 denture cleaning tablet  in  ½ c. cool water

Never use ammonia on mustard stains.

As always, after washing double check the stain.  Heat will set the stain so DO NOT put items in the dryer if the spot remains. Retreat the stain and wash again.