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On the Spot
stain removal tips

On the Spot Stain Removal: Classroom Edition- How to remove stains from ink, markers, glue, crayons, and pencils using items from your pantry

Ink/Marker: Ink can be trickyHere are 3 options, from gentlest to harshest, to try.

  • Option #1: Apply toothpaste on both sides of the stain.  Wash the spot after the toothpaste has dried.
  • Option #2: Put paper towels under the spot to absorb the ink.  Outline area with petroleum jelly –(stops ink from running any further).  Spray hairspray (non-oily, alcohol based) on ink.  Dab with paper towel.
  • Option #3: Put paper towels under the spot to absorb the ink.  Pour rubbing alcohol on a rag or cotton ball, dab on the ink then wipe with a soft rag or paper towel.   This will work similar to the hair spray method listed above, as both are alcohol based.  But rubbing alcohol is a much harsher substance, I would not recommend using on delicate fabrics.

I’ve also heard soaking ink/marker stains in milk will help lift the spot.  Haven’t tried it but it seems worth a shot for delicate fabrics.

Chalk: Does anyone actually still use chalk in the classroom?

  • Brush off as much as possible then wash as usual.  Most chalk should come out in the wash, but if a spot remains try treating with a mixture of 1 tablespoon dish soap diluted in 2 cups of water.

Glue: Do not use hot water or put item in the dryer until glue is completely removed!

  • If glue has dried, soak in room temperature water at least overnight.  Most school glue is washable and once softened can be run through a regular wash cycle.


  • Use an eraser to loosen the mark.  Then soak in room temperature water.  If stain persists, add a drop of dish washing detergent plus 2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol to 1 cup water and gently dab on stain with a cotton ball.  You may need to rub stain between fingers.  Wash as usual.


  • Mix equal parts baking soda and laundry detergent to form a paste.  Apply to stain on both sides of fabric.  Then soak affected area in the hottest water possible for 30 minutes.  Wash as usual.  This should also work for melted crayon.

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