Q: After the winter we’ve had around here I can’t wait to stop wearing my heavy sweaters and coats. Do I need to do anything special with them before I pack them away?

A: First, make sure items have been washed or dry cleaned and are free from stains.  Then, find a place to store your clothing.  It should be dark to prevent sunlight fading as well as dry and clean.  Once you get items back from the dry cleaner, remove the plastic bags.   Plastic traps in moisture which could lead to insect damage or mold.   If you plan on hanging your items, use padded hangers for coats and ones with clips for pants and skirts.  Don’t fold them over a hanger bar.  Sweaters will maintain their shape better if they are folded into a plastic storage container (with loose lid to let moisture out), suitcase or clean cardboard box.

sweater storage