At the end of every scarf tying class I ask the participants if they know a tie I didn’t show and invite them to teach it to the group. At a class last December a lovely lady showed me this tie using a small silk square scarf. I tried it with a large square scarf and it works beautifully. Give it a try!

Criss-Cross Knot (Using a square scarf)

square scarf crisscross knot tutorial

Start with your scarf lying flat in a diamond . Sometimes scarves are only printed on one side. Make sure your scarf is light side up when you start.

Bring two opposite side corners together and knot them once. Depending on how slippery your fabric is, you may need to work it to tighten the knot.

crisscross knot step 1 crisscross knot step 2

The next step is the trickiest. You need to tuck the two remaining corners under the knot. The top one is now pointing to the bottom and the bottom corner is now pointing to the top.

crisscross knot step 3 crisscross knot step 4

That’s it! To wear it just tie the long ends around the back of your neck. You may want to tuck them in if you are wearing your hair up. Let the short ends hang down in the front. 
crisscross scarf step 5


square scarf crisscross knot tutorial
Other ways to use a square scarf (How to Wrap with a Square Scarf) or this gathered look.