So yeah, winter is here. I’ve been living in a pashmina scarf and the last couple days have been layering leggings under my jeans. Anything to stay a few degrees warmer.

So what’s happening at BBT this month?

We’re currently in the middle of our annual Button-Up Week. It’s a little scavenger hunt in the shop- find a button on an item of clothing and it’s 20% off (plus we are doing 10% off on Chicago and handmade items with buttons). Sale runs through the 12th. Stop in!

button bracelets coffee cozies mixed media cuffs plaid outfit 1

And speaking of buttons…. the loose buttons on my winter coat inspired our January after hours class. Join us Friday, January 23rd from 5-7pm for a Winter Clothing Maintenance Workshop. Class fee is $7 (must be pre-paid) and includes lessons on de-pilling sweaters, fixing sweater snags, sewing coat buttons, and removing road salt stains. Plus you’ll receive fit-it tools, refreshments, and shopping discounts the day of class. Bring something from home that needs repair! Stop in to register or call 330-877-3308.

Thinking about warmer times…
We are excited to announce that the Second Saturday Committee has been honored with the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development Award. The downtown merchants group started this series of summer events last year on a zero budget and were so proud of how it grew. We have also been awarded a grant through Arts in Stark to fund some of this year’s music. Planning sessions begin later this month. We are always looking for ideas, artists, musicians/performers, and volunteers. If you’d like to be more involved with these events please give us a call (330-877-3308) or email.