Pretty, inexpensive, easy, and quick.
This is my kind of craft project!

30 minute tissue paper pom pom tutorial

Tissue Paper + String = $3-4 per pom pom
If you are making several you can decrease your costs by buying larger packs of tissue paper.

Here’s what you’ll need:

10 sheets of tissue paper
2-3 feet of string (depending on how long you’d like your pom pom to hang)

Start by straightening 10 sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface. The sheets I used are 26×20 inch rectangles and made a pom pom with a 13 inch diameter. I was a little concerned before I started about not having square pieces, but they turned out round!
tissue paper pom poms 1

Fold your stack accordion style.  I used a 1.5″ fold.

tissue paper pom poms 2-1

Tie your paper together using string, thread, wire, thin ribbon..whatever you have handy.  I cut an arms length of nylon thread and tied it so I had a long tail remaining to hang from.  If you need a longer or shorter length you can always cut it or add a longer piece of string.

tissue paper pom poms 4-1

Cut the ends.  My scissors wouldn’t go through the whole stack so I cut them a fold at a time.

tissue paper pom poms 5

Gently begin separating the sheets. Start on the top edge and loosen all the way around the arc then towards the center.
tissue paper pom poms 7
Repeat with 5 sheets on each side, then flip over to complete the other half of the circle.
tissue paper pom poms 8
Hang and admire!
We’re adding ours to the “Coming Soon” window display at the new Best Bib and Tucker!
30 minute tissue paper pom poms tutorial collage

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