Finding bridesmaid dresses to go with the shabby chic theme was a challenge.  Many of the local dress shops had cute cocktail length dresses, but the fabric types were too formal.  We also tried looking for a sundress in department stores and online.  On a whim Em asked if it would be possible to have dresses made.  Ah-ha!

There are sooooo many patterns out there for dresses that have a vintage feel.  We went with Vogue Pattern  V1102.
Vogue V1102
And of course there had to be Amy Butler fabric involved. The pink green and gray in this Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies print set the color scheme for the entire wedding.  We even took a picture of the the fabric and used the image  in the invitations, programs, and signs.
Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies

And the best part… Big Pink Back Bows!
Back Bows

We really have the sewing talents of Hartville’s Betty Cassiday to thank for making this happen.  She was a delight to work with and very accommodating of all of our schedules.  It required only a few fittings and our out-of-town bridesmaid was able to email her measurements.  She’s great at alterations too!

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