Because Em had three cakes made for the wedding, we needed cake stands of different heights.  We had a tall clear glass stand, a shorter one made of milk glass, and the other glassware for chocolates on the cake table was pink.  In our antique store searches we came across a green plate that was the perfect size for the third cake! All it needed was a base.

shabby chic pink cake

To make your own cake stand you will need:

  • One plate
  • One candlestick holder
  • E-6000 glue
  • A book to hold candlestick in place while drying

Begin by cleaning both the plate and candlestick holder thoroughly.  Oily fingerprints will interfere with adhesion so try not to touch the gluing area with your fingers.

Place a generous amount of glue on both the plate and the candlestick.
Position candlestick holder on the plate and press together with a book to hold everything in place while drying.  Follow directions on package for drying times.

To clean use a damp rag.  Do not immerse in water.

Stay tuned…more info on all three cakes is coming during week 4 of The Wedding March!

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