A wedding is an awesome opportunity to support local businesses.  As part of this month’s wedding focus we will be featuring some of the shops and services around Hartville that helped to make the day so special.

In the spotlight this week are Country Flowers and Herbs, Uniontown Antique Mall, Maple Street Art Gallery, and Hartville Mercantile.

If you are looking for stunningly beautiful yet unique flowers for your wedding Jack at Country Flowers and Herbs in Hartville, Ohio is the person to see.  He worked closely with Em to select flowers that matched her tastes and the feel of the wedding as well as those that were in season and in budget.

Clockwise from top: groom, grandmothers, groomsmen, mothers, and best man

Bridesmaid bouquets of hydrangea and sedum.

The main flowers in Emily’s bouquet were Cymbidium Orchids and Nerine Lilies.  The orchids were incorporated into the mother’s corsages as well.

bride's bouquet
Em’s bouquet was wrapped in a lace handkerchief and adorned with her “something borrowed” pin from her godmother.

Her break-away toss bouquet was individual sedum stems, each with a charm tied on.  Ladies of all ages and marital status were invited to catch the flowers to receive their fortune (a wishbone for a wish granted, a camera for happy memories, an apple for good health, etc).
break away toss bouquet with charms
Other flowers used in the wedding were Astilbe, Hypercium Berries, and Antique Hydrangea.

A fabulous couple at Uniontown Antique Mall helped us find the glassware for the unity candle.  In place of a traditional stand, Em selected a two candle stick holders for the tapers and a lovely pink Depression glass saucer for the center pillar candle.

Maple Street Art Gallery provided the framing for Emily and Matt’s guest book tree.  John was able to frame the blank tree before the wedding and then added in the glass after the event.  He suggested a glare-minimizing glass because the piece was so large.  It now hangs beautifully in the couple’s living room!

Much of the glassware for the cake table was purchased at Hartville Mercantile, including the green platter we used to make a cake stand.  Kathy was so helpful in pointing out potential pieces and kept an eye out for jars, plates, and vases for the centerpieces as well.

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