Early on in the wedding planning process Em showed us a photo of a window pane being used as a seating chart.  We immediately went on the hunt for window panes.  Em lucked out and found eight of them at a garage sale.

They were beat up and paint was peeling off pretty badly.  Excellent, our distressing work was already done!  We just had to sand them down and give them a good coat of sanding sealer.

Windows were used for both the seating chart and on the cake table at the reception.

We printed all the signs we needed then cut sheets of scrapbook paper to the correct size.   Good old duct tape was used to hold everything in place and to prevent light from shining through the paper.

wedding reception cake table sign

Other signs were placed in store bought frames.

Eat, Drink and Be MarriedEat, Drink and Be Married- Bar Menu Sign

guest book fingerprint tree“Leaf” your fingerprint and signature for the bride and groom sign at the guest book tree.

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