Mom and I are consignment, resale, and thrift shopping mavens. And while my main motivation is to build a wardrobe with quality pieces at a price my frugal self can tolerate, it’s awesome to know my closet is good for the environment.

Both Sides of Consignment are Green

The landfill should be the last option for your clothing. Our closet clean-outs go in this order:

Take the pieces in excellent condition to BBT
Even my second hand shopping/picky shopper self has a basket of items to bring to the shop each season. The hardest part is cleaning out the closet. Click here to learn more about consigning at BBT.

Upcycle what we can
This means harvesting interesting buttons and fabrics to use in craft projects and using old t-shirts for rags. You’ll even find tights with runs cut into strips and used to tie up our tomato vines in the garden.

Send other wearable items to the thrift shop
Note: have items that are unwearable (ie  that top I snipped the lace off to use in a craft project)? Place it in a bag marked “salvage” before donating.


The greenest clothing you can buy is second hand. It’s locally sourced, requires no additional manufacturing, and keeps like new items out of the trash. At Best Bib we look for quality pieces. Fast fashion/disposable clothing just don’t last. The well made pieces we select for our shop hold up through many wears and washes.consignment Best Bib and Tucker

Upcycling in our Handmade Market
Many of our ridiculously talented artists are master repurposers!

Woven Fabric Baskets at Best Bib and Tucker Handmade Market Hartville, Ohio

button bracelets 2

t-shirt scarves and necklaces

Mixed Up Media Mom

Upcycled necktie bracelets Best Bib and Tucker Hartville, Ohio handmade market

Janet Bandy handmade recycled jewelry

SH&T Studio Arrows

slightly hammered and twisted studio copper wire bird and goose necklaces

denim cuff bracelet

Jennifer Worden Necklaces

Rot the Records bottles

for the records bowls

For the Records new May 2014