1: Get to know the owners and employees

Because we spend A LOT of time at our store we are very familiar with the inventory at any given time.  Let us know you are looking for a particular item and if it’s in we should be able to direct you right to it.  If not, we’re happy to keep an eye out for you.

2: Stop in often

Inventory changes daily and there is usually only one of a particular item in the store.

3: Come prepared to try on clothes

As we all know an 8 from one company is a 10 in another and maybe even a 12 in a different brand.  Take a range of sizes into the fitting room.

Sisters Shopping at BBT

4: Register to get special discounts and sale notifications

Best Bib and Tucker sends out monthly emails with extra discounts for our VIP customers.  You can register in store or by clicking on the mailbox in the top left corner of our website.  We also post daily sales on Twitter (www.twitter.com/bestbib) and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/bestbibandtucker)

5: Bring in items from home

Have a skirt and can’t figure out what top to wear with it?  Because consignment shops are small stores that often specialize in customer service, employees are trained and really enjoy helping you put outfits together.

Bonus Tip:  Bring Friends

Not only is it lots of fun to have a shopping day with the girls, but preregistered groups of 8 or more get an extra discount at BBT!  Click here for more information on group discounts.