Lately I’ve been seeing the cutest socks poking out of the top of boots.  We are all about giving new life to things we no longer use.  Back in my dancer days we used to cut the sleeves off of old sweaters to use as legwarmers.  I started thinking the same method could be used to give the appearance of socks, just leave them stretched out instead of scrunching them up.

You really just need an old sweater, a pair of scissors, and 5 minutes of your time.  Super cute, super cheap, and super easy!

Step 1: Find an old sweater.  I love the detail on the sleeves of this one- will make a great cuff!

Step 2:  Cut the sleeve.  I plan on wearing these with a pair of nearly knee high boots so I cut closer to the shoulder.

Step 3: Cut the other sleeve.  These cut ends won’t be seen so don’t worry about making them perfectly even.
Turn the sleeves inside out before putting them on so the right side shows when you fold the cuff down.

Have more than 5 minutes?  Sew on some flowers 🙂