Start by cutting across the t-shirt just under the arms.

Then cut 1-2 inch strips from this cut side up towards the hem.  Because you will be braiding, your total number of strips should be divisible by three. ( I had 27 strips.)

You can stop here and wear this as a fringe scarf or you can continue on to make a necklace.
Braid and knot the ends.
Roll down the hem then wrap the braids around twice.  Tuck in ends.  Repeat for all braids.

To finish the necklace off. Cut a contrasting strip from another t-shirt.
Tie one of the ends to one of the braid ends, wrap it around, then tie off on the braid ends of the next knot.

I finished it by sewing on a bow and a button that I had lying around my craft room.

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