My grandma and grandpa were a major influence in my life.  They were part of the Great Generation that survived the Depression and World War II.  Through all these hardships they learned how to live the simple life and yet thrive and be happy.  I feel lucky to have had what I consider a small amount of this knowledge passed down to me.

Over the course of my life and especially the past 10 years of running Best Bib and Tucker I have put much of this know-how to use.  As I shared this wisdom with customers and my two twenty-something daughters, I discovered the tips and tricks I thought were common sense are actually bits of information that should be taught and shared.  That is where this blog emerged.  I’ll share laundry hints, clothes maintenance tips, style and color trends, ways to stretch your wardrobe budget, and many other useful tidbits.

Follow me to learn something new, just to go down memory lane and to say “hey, I know how to do that”, or share your own family “secrets”.