Best Bib and Tucker is here to take care of you. Each day we put ourselves in your shoes and make decisions based on what is best for our customers and consignors. Shoppers are provided with quality items for a fraction of the retail price in a well organized, quaint shop that feels like home.  Consignors can be assured that their clothing is in fair and honest hands. Keeping track of your items is simple-we do it for you and call you when your payment is ready for pick-up.

“Putting on your Best Bib and Tucker” is an old saying that means you are wearing your finest clothing. We opened our doors in December 1999 and have been helping people put on their Best Bib and Tucker ever since.

Barb Wise

Owner of Best Bib and Tucker
Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire
Organizer and Cleaning Fanatic

Member of: Lake Township Chamber of Commerce and the Historic Downtown Hartville Merchants Group