The 1970’s are making a comeback this summer. Keep an eye out for these items to keep your summer wardrobe on trend.

  • maxi dresses
  • floppy hats
  • bangles
  • peasant tops
  • bohemian jewelry

I had 1970’s style jewelry on my list while we were shopping in Chicago last week. I did a bit of research to study styles but knew I had the best 70’s experts shopping with me.

Some inspiration
70's patterns- style inspiration

Who better to help than someone who lived through it! Mom (and dad!) answered “does this look 70’s?” countless times throughout the day.

Here are a few pieces we brought back and some 70’s style outfits to wear with them.

70s boho top and jewelry

Bohemian: Layered Jewelry and Headbands

70s style head scarves and beads

Peasant: Turn a scarf into a head wrap and add some beads

70s style maxi dress and floppy hats

Printed maxi dresses make their debut in our Chicago line. Add a floppy hat and a set of vintage bangle bracelets and you’ve got the 70’s down.