If we all think warm thoughts will spring get here sooner?

Accessories are the easiest way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe. Here are a few of our favorites to look out for this spring:

Season of the Loafer
much to Barb, the queen of loafers, delight!
Soft leathers, vintage beauties, and pops of color
Spring 2014 Accessory trends- Loafers

Speaking of shoes…. As the snow melts look out for backless shoes– mules, clogs, and slides- to hit the streets.
spring 2014 accessories mules, clogs, and slides

Earthy and Ethnic
Weaves, fringe, friendship bracelets, beading, AND tassels
spring 2014 accessory trends Earthy and Ethnic
Wear your message. Slogans and messages on clothing, jewelry, and bags will be all over this spring and summer. Choose your words wisely!
spring 2014 accessories trends messages and slogans

Be a sport
This spring gives a nod to the athletic among us. Try adding a piece or two to your wardrobe- no running required.
spring 2014 accessory trends sporty