Break out your skinny, straight, or boyfriend jeans and try these 5 ways to roll.

The simplest way to cuff your jeans is with a Single Cuff. Just select your width Wide or Skinny, roll them once, and you’re out the door. This streamlined cuff looks great with skinny jeans. See it with an outfit here.
How to Cuff Jeans Wide or Skinny Single Cuff  Best Bib and Tucker

For a causal, almost grunge look try a Scrunched Cuff. Start with a wide single cuff then turn the hem down. Finish by scrunching the wide cuff. Try this with distressed boyfriend jeans.
How to Cuff Jeans Scrunch Cuff  Best Bib and TuckerWe love a Rolled Cuff with short boots. Be sure to roll them high enough so a bit of skin at your ankle shows. See the look here.

To roll your jeans, start by folding up just the hem. Continue to roll (2-3 times for flats, more for ankle boots). While you are rolling keep pushing down so your roll is only as wide as your hem.
How to Cuff Jeans Rolled Cuff  Best Bib and Tucker

Our favorite way to cuff jeans is the 80’s classic Pegged Cuff. Try this with straight leg jeans or even a slim boot cut.

Start by holding the hem of your jeans at the outside side seam. Fold in a Z to make the leg opening narrower. Cuff your jeans, keeping this side fold, about 1.5 inches. Roll a second time to hide the hem.
How to Cuff Jeans Pegged Cuff  Best Bib and Tucker