A Pashmina Scarf is a wardrobe staple. Here are 7 ways to use them. Happy scarf tying!

1. As a Scarf

Check out BBT Tips: Scarf Tying for ideas.  Or visit the shop and we’ll show you a new way to tie one.

roped in scarf
2. As a Jacket
Tie a knot in the long ends to make a circle scarf. Put on like a jacket with the knot at the small of your back.  Adjust so the middle part of the scarf covers your shoulders. Hands free and no slipping off your shoulders. Great for dinners, formal dances, and chilly church services.
Use a pashmina scarf as a jacket

3. As a Baby Sling
A pashmina can work as a baby sling for quick trips when you don’t want to haul your normal gear around. Search for “How to Tie a Rebozo” on YouTube for a tutorial.

4. As a Tote
Come back tomorrow for the “How to Turn 2 Pashmina Scaves into a Tote (No Sew)” Tutorial!
how to turn scarves into a tote no sew

5. As a Table Runner
Add some texture to your table. Gather the over hang with a ribbon, bow, or pin or leave it flat.
use a pashmina scarf as a table runner

6. As a Pillow
Pashminas work great for traveling. Use them as a blanket or roll it up as a quick pillow!

7. As a Wedding Shower Favor
pashminas at a weddingvia: Scissors wedding blog