Add a Button Up
This is where my discovery of the third layer happened.  One day while pulling my typical uniform of cardigan/cami out of my closet I happened to see a button up in the same color scheme.  A light bulb went off and I threw them all on together.  It’s amazing how one extra layer really pulls an outfit together.
button up shirt with cardigan and multi strand necklace

The Hip Peek
This is the easiest way to add a third layer.  Grab a cami or tee that is slightly longer than your top and adjust so it peeks out 1-2 inches at the bottom.  Or follow the younger crowd and wear a crop top over a cami.

green sweater with layered beaded necklace

Jacket/Cardigan Combo
Perfect for work, shopping, date night, or a PTA meeting.  We love a jacket over a buttoned cardigan or leave them both open and add a great necklace.  You could also swap the cardigan for a button up.

cream jacket with jeans and shortie boots

The Double Cardigan
This is the trickiest way to add a third layer, mainly because there are both necklines and sleeve length to consider. But the rule is easy- make them match!

blue cardigan over animal print  women's professional attire

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