I know it’s February and it’s been a really nice winter, but I’m ready for spring to get here.  So, today we are giving you FIVE ideas on how to add a hint of spring to your winter wardrobe.

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1. Change your purse—I’m one of those girls who carries the same purse all winter.  I think it’s time to shake it up and add some color.

2. Start adding spring trends—tangerine tango, neons, polka dots, and pastels—add them now and become a fashion leader.  Check out Fashion Trends Spring 2012 on our Pinterest boards for more ideas.

3. Switch to a lighter scarf— As it warms up break out your lighter linen and cotton scarves in bright colors and fun prints.

4. Add pops of color— Belts, purses, scarves, jewelry, and shoes are all great opportunities to add some spring color.

5. Layer up your spring skirts and dresses with tights and cardigans.

via Adding a Hint of Spring to Your Winter Outfits on Pinterest