Every Monday on our Facebook page we do picks of the week. Barb selected a color blocked black, cream, and tan dress as her pick this week. We loved it so much we just had to explore that color combination a little more.

Barb's Pick 8-25

What a great dress!

I’m a stripe girl and this sweater has caught my every time I straighten tops this week. Alas it is a small. I paired it here with a printed skirt. Mixing patterns is fun and pretty easy when you stay in the same color pallet. Would also look great with a pair of jeans.
black and cream  mixed prints

Hands up if you love a little sparkle (or a lot of sparkle- there’s no judging here). This top is cropped so we put a gold sequin top under it. A great way to minimize a WHOLE top of sparkle yet it accents those shinny shoes and awesome necklace.black and cream  sparkle
Ah yes, but what to wear with these pretty tops??? Neutrals will keep the black and cream in the sophisticated, chic, urban corners. Look for a great pair of dark denim jeans, or your wardrobe staples black or khaki pants will work well. Matching tans can be tricky. If you can’t find an exact match, try going 2-3 shades darker.
Black and Cream  NeutralsOr opt for pairing black and cream with some of your favorite fall colors. We are loving a dark olive, rust, coral, red, or even a mustard yellow.
Black and Cream  Add Color