Try this pretty knot for St. Patty’s Day!
You’ll need a long rectangle scarf. We used a standard sized pashmina (in green below). Because this makes a fairly large knot you may want to try a scarf made of a thinner material.  The scarf in the tutorial is a thin 80% cotton/20% silk mix. How to tie a scarf in a Celtic Knot
Follow these photos as if you were looking in a mirror. Start with your scarf around your neck with both ends hanging in front at an even length.
step 1
Place the back of your left hand on the right side of the scarf.  Hold the ends together with your right hand.
Step 2Wrap the ends around your left hand, crossing over the top.
Step 3Wrap the end in your right hand around the area between your hand and neck.
Step 4
Finish by tucking the end into the loop where your left hand is from the top to the bottom.step 4aFinished