Repeat after me:

“I will not pair my denim jacket with denim pants”

That’s really my only rule for wearing a denim jacket.  While I’ve seen a few instances where this was successfully done, nine times out of ten it turns out like a 1990’s flashback.

Instead, try this fall wardrobe staple over a dress, paired with khaki, brown, black bottoms or a floral skirt, OR with this fall’s hot trend— red pants.

More tips:

  • A fitted or cropped jacket will be more figure flattering than a boxy cut.
  • When shopping for jackets, I always look for fabrics with a little stretch added so I can actually move my arms.
  • Try rolling up the sleeves of your jacket, about 3 inches above your wrist, to create a longer body line and an outfit with a little more flare.