Spring in Ohio can be a tricky time of year for outfit planning. Customers have been trying on Easter dresses and skirts for the past month concerned that we’ll still be buried in snow come the end of April.

4 Outfit Planning Tips for Easter

1) Mixed Activity
Even more important than temperature, your activities will determine what you wear. How will you spend your day? At a church service, at a brunch, or treading through the grass at an egg hunt…

Mixed activity days can be the toughest. Your best option here is to go for outfits with removable layers. So often I see customers adding layers to cover bumps and bulges. But, what happens when temps warm up mid-day? Opt for scarves and lightweight jackets to add warmth, just be sure the rest of your outfit can stand on its own.

removable layers- max mara jacket

For a very chilly spring day simply add a pair of dark gray or black leggings or tights.

2) Does your favorite spring dress show a little too much shoulder for a church service? Look for a short shrug in a coordinating color to add coverage without taking away from the dress. The short ones with no buttons are my favorite.

watercolor dress with shrug

Alternately you can use an infinity scarf as a bolero jacket!

3) Dealing with Temperature
While the sun is shining today there is no guarantee we won’t have a cold Easter. The holiday falls late in the month this year making chance for a warmer day more likely though! Aside from adding layers you can plan alternate outfits for the day. The easiest way to do this is to swap out tops. Here are 4 tops of varying levels of warmth that would work great with a pair of gray capris and black flats. Simple and all pieces are able to be restyled for wear later on!
Alternate tops to wear with gray capris
A family gathering is a fun time to try new spring trends! Full Skirts and Midi Skirts (those that hit below the knee and above the ankle) are both popular this season. Both look best with a tucked in top and a cardigan or jacket can be added for layers or warmth. Wearing these vintage styles may just help you channel your grandma when attempting her famous scalloped potato recipe!
full midi skirt in navy and teal