In my experience women can be classified as a sparkly dresser or a non-sparkly dresser. There’s probably a correlation here in wardrobe choices and introvert vs extrovert personalities. I usually fall in the latter category, but there’s something about Christmas carols, holiday parties, and general merriment and celebration that have me making room for a little sparkle in my wardrobe.

For the Sparkly Girl

This is your season to shine. Go ahead and add a sparkly necklace to a glittery top and don’t be afraid to top it off with sparkly shoes!

sparkly gray top and necklaceSparkly jackets are great for holiday parties. Metallics look great together.  Don’t be afraid to mix them.
Sparkle Jackets

For the Sparkle Timid

Try adding one piece of sparkle, just a skirt or a hair accessory, or a set of glittery bangles.

sparkle bracelets

A lovely black jacket and top with a simple necklace and a fabulous gold textured skirt.  Classic AND Sparkly.
gold skirt

Shine without the Sparkle

Try a satin or silk fabric.  It will reflect the light and shine!
black velvet and polka dot dress

Add Some Color

Make a statement in this red jacket with gold print or pair a sparkly top with a colored jacket and jewelry.

red and gold statement jacket
teal jacket with silver top