At every scarf tying class we hold someone brings a square scarf and asks me what to do with them.

Here are my top three suggestions!


Use them for wrapping- Check out How to Use a Square Scarf to Wrap a Package
wrapping with a square scarf

Frame them and use as artwork! Visit Design Crisis to read all about how this scarf inspired an entire living room!



Wear them! Try this tie.
Step 1: Lay your scarf flat- back side up. Then grab the middle to make a tail
Square Scarf tie step 1

Step 2: Tie a knot in the tail- or use a hair tie or rubber band. Flip it over so knot is on the bottom.
Square Scarf Tie step 2

Step 3: Put the knot on your shoulder and bring two adjacent corners around your neck. Knot these two corners and voila!

How to Tie a Square Scarf