Leather is one of those fabrics that comes in and out of style.  It’s in this season so grab that piece from a couple years ago out of the back of your closet and rock it! Or, check out a few of the pieces we have in stock at BBT.

Leather is always great with animal print or a bit of sparkle. But you don’t have to be a “rock star” girl to wear it.  Try a leather skirt with a cardigan, a bit of lace, or a cozy leather coat.

leather and lace

wilson leather coat size XL

Wearing suede is a way to wear leather with a literally and figuratively softer feel
suede vest

Not ready for a leather jacket, skirt, or gasp, pants?
Break into the trend with accessories. Try shoes, boots, purses, belts, or winter gloves.

leather accessories

Or pick pieces with leather trim

a bit of leather
BONUS TIP!!! Check out our post on how to spot clean leather and suede